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How To Farm Elixirs in Nioh 2 – Consumable Guide

Learn about all 8 Exilirs

Nioh 2 focuses heavily on combat, and as a game about Japan with Samurais as the main protagonist, you would want to have a heavy focus on the action. But there will be time when it overwhelm you and you will take huge damage against your opponents leaving you weak. You can replenish your health by using Elixirs. This guide will show you how to farm elixirs in Nioh 2.

How To Farm Elixirs in Nioh 2

Elixir will replenish your health in Nioh 2, and so you will always need a steady supply of Elixir in Nioh 2, now getting your hands on this precioud commodity isn’t exactly easy and you can only use them once.

You are allows to carry upto 8 Elixirs at a time in Nioh 2, you will get Elixir by beating enemies and they will drop this item. You can also try opening chests and by looting bodies, but you have to keep in mind that getting Elixir isn’t guaranteed and their drop rate is random.

If you get more than 8 Elixirs, they will be transported to your storage directly, you can replenish your stock once you reach a Shrine.

Once you reach a Shrine, you will get a sub-menu which called Make Offering, you can use this method to make sure that you always have a handsome amount of Elixirs in your inventory and not run out in a boss fight.

To Make Offering, you will have to find the friendly little Kodama guarding the Shrine, make him and offer and in return you stand to get Divine Rice. This Divine Rice is sort of currency in Nioh 2, there is a somewhat chance that you will also earn Elixir directly from Kodama in Nioh 2.

You can also get Kodama Blessings if you are willing to spend a bit in the game, the kind of blessing that you should be looking for is called Healer Blessing and this will grant you the buff of finding Elixirs when defeating enemies or opening chests by 5%, and if you want another 5% boost you will need to guide Healer Kodoma back to the shrine.

This is all there is to know about how to farm Elixirs in Nioh 2, make sure that you check out other guides on Nioh 2 and while you’re here why not check out other guides, news, reviews and features only on GamerTweak.