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Nioh 2 – Which Is The Best Weapon To Start With?

Choose your playstyle

Nioh 2 brings up an interesting new world of monsters to slay down. Loaded with a variety of weapons and skills Nioh 2 is an outstanding PS4 game you cannot mission. If you had just started the game and wondering what is the best weapon to start playing Nioh 2 then here is a guide for you. After customizing your character you will see different types of weapons, each feature a bonus. You can pick two weapons, along with a choice to pick one from three Guadian spirits. So here is a guide on which is the best weapon in Nioh 2.

How to choose the right weapon in


In Nioh 2 when you reach the first base you will have the option to choose two weapons from nine weapons. Each weapon features an additional bonus like +1 Strenght or +1 Skill. Every weapon works differently that allows you to either fight at close range and unleash some powerful attacks from the distance. Below is the list of weapons and their additional bonus you will see at the start of Nioh 2.

  1. The Sword – Heart +1
  2. Spear – Constitution +1
  3. Axe – Stamina +1
  4. Tonfa – Courage +1
  5. Odachi – Strength +1
  6. Dual Swords – Skill +1
  7. Switchglaive – Magic +1
  8. Kusarigama – Dexterity +1
  9. Hatchets – Skill +1

It is best recommended to choose one close and one long-range weapon. This will give you enough room to deal with enemies of all kinds. Especially when there are large enemies it will be tough to attack them from close range. You can get easily attacked and lose health. So if you go with a combination of Dual Swords + Kusarigama you will have a lot of attack choices.


Hatchets and Switchglaive are two new weapons in Nioh 2. Hatchets are a dual Axe and Switchglaive is a massive weapon giving you a lot of range to attack down the enemy. A combination of Switchglaive + Kusarigama or Sword can give you a lot of power to deal with monsters.

Using any weapon press Square for a Quick Attack and hold Triangle to charge your attack with more power. To switch melee weapon press R1 + D-pad Down. These are the most basic attacks console for Nioh 2 PS4. You will need a keep an eye on the Stamina bar, which depletes fast on sudden movement, on power-up attacks. You can use soul cores to refill them faster or wait back for a while, it will refill on its own.

Why stances are important in Nioh 2?


There are three different stances in Nioh 2, they are high, medium and low. This means you can use your weapons in threeway and unleash three different kinds of attacks. Don’t worry it is not that complicated to understand. All three stances are assigned to three dedicated keys Triangle, Square and X. Press R1 + Triangle or any other key to modify your attack style.

Low Stance is best if you are attacking smaller or crawling enemies. It has more speed and will target the base of the enemy. Mid Stance focus on the body allowing you to release attacks with medium strength. And High Stance will allow you to release the most powerful attacks breaking down your enemy’s defenses and throwing them off grounds. But this will eat our Ki a lot, so use it wisely.