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How To Defeat Hattori Hanzo “The Tonfa Ninja Boss” In Nioh 2

The Ninja Boss

Hattori Hanzo is one of the bosses in Nioh 2. If you are finding it hard to defeat the Ninja boss, then there are tips and tricks on how to deal with him. The boss is quite fast in terms of attack and he uses Tonfa. If you observe closely, he plays highly defensive and capable of blocking your attack easily. This is where Hattori Hanzo is a pain in Nioh 2, but if you know what exactly to do you can defeat this boss without much effort. So here is a guide on how to defeat Hattori Ninja boss in Nioh 2.

How to easily defeat Hattori Hanzo in Nioh 2?

Bosses like Hattori Hanzo are very easy to beat if you are above Level 200 and invested a good amount of points in Constitution, Heart, Skill, and Magic. So here if you are somewhere above 100 a little effort is required. So it is necessary to focus on upgrading your character to max possible. Here if you have Constitution somewhere above 90 you can tank more hits and stay for longer in the game due to high health. So it is a kind of very useful attribute during the boss fight.

It is worthless to use long-ranged weapon in front of Hattori Hanzo because he is fast. To defeat him fast you have to be near using a melee weapon with above 500 attacks. This is where you can release some cool combos and hit down Hattori Hanzo boss in Nioh 2 faster.

During the boss fight, Hattori Hanzo will be dodging your attack a lot. He will also play defensive in blocking a lot of your good combos. You can use the same strategy to beat Hattori Hanzo boss in Nioh 2. This means you can block his attacks to an extent. Avoid the power attacks, the shockwave will damage your health and push you away.

So be ready to dodge away, a lot of Hattori Hanzo’s power attacks are predictable. He will hold down and use some kind of power that glows in white. That is the time to stay away, but soon after that, he will pause for few seconds. This is the time you use your melee weapon to hit this boss with some good set of combos. This is where Hattori Hanzo boss in Nioh 2 will not be able to block your attack.

Hattori Hanzo also has a very fast stamina regeneration attribute, so be ready to dodge away once you have some successful hit on his head. Hattori Hanzo is also good enough to pull himself out of corners, as well he can dodge your combos.

Defeating Hattori Hanzo is all about timing, he is most vulnerable after combos. Ample of time he will never leave his guard down, his tonfa will block his body. However Hattori Hanzo will try to attack you if you lure him. The best way to defeat Hattori Hanzo ninja boss is simply waiting for his power attack, and if you can dodge it at the right time he is completely vulnerable. Start hitting him.

This may be a slow time consuming, that is because Hattori Hanzo is a kind of pro ninja and fast-moving boss. Not like the Owl Monster boss who is giant and comes with an entire predictable repetitive moves.

Nioh 2 Hattori Hanzo Boss Rewards Drops:

  • Iga Jonin Greaves
  • Iga Jonin Headband
  • Iga Jonin Cuirass
  • Mataza’s Gauntlets
  • Ying-Yang Tonfa

So this is how you defeat Hattori Hanzo Ninja boss in Nioh 2.