How To Defeat Tatarimokke Boss In Nioh 2 – Owl Boss Guide

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Struggling to defeat Nioh 2 Owl Boss? The three eyed Tatarimokke is an giant owl with a ton of health and various attack powers. You cannot just hit the monster to the ground. If you are finding it hard to defeat the owl boss in Nioh 2 then here is a guide on how to defeat the Tatarimokke boss in the game. There are some tactics you can use in defeating the giant owl in the game. But before this it is necessary you level up enough to deal with its powerful blows. Also you must have enough consumables (exilir) in your bags to stay alive. Using Ki Pulse at the right time also matters the most here while fighting with the Owl boss in Nioh 2. So lets begins with tips on how to easily beat down the Owl Boss.

How to defeat Tatarimokke in Nioh 2?

Before you proceed with the fight there are few things you will need to understand. These includes your character level, the weapon damage power, physical attributes like toughness, etc. So here is basic overview on how stronger your character must be in Nioh 2 to deal with the Owl boss.

Your character must be above Level 60 with a decent amount of health and high Ki recovery speed. Keep your equipment weight below 30% and use a long ranged weapon like a spear so that you can dodge back fast to avoid any kind of incoming attack. The Owl Boss in Nioh 2 is capable of using some kind of very strong attacks in form of moving missile in your direction. If you are hit you will loose a tremendous amount of health in seconds, this is where you will need Elixirs to restore health back as well Ki pulse is quiet tough here. So be ready for Dodging.

Focus on getting more Constitution, Heart, Courage, Stamina and Skill. You can focus less on Dexterity and Magic. But also keep Strength in account. Your ranged weapon must have attack above 300. If your characters can match these attributes then it will lot more easier for you to simply deal with the Owl boss in Nioh 2.

Tips to easily beat the Owl Boss in Nioh 2

Divide your battle in two parts. First dodging and second attacking when the Owl is on the ground. If it is in the air you can cause use arrows, but if you miss it is worthless. Also the Owl Boss (Tatarimokke) in Nioh 2 can shoot projectile on your head, where you have to run and avoid that. This is where the attacking in air is quiet not effective than on the ground.

The Owl boss will definitely land on the ground after every attack giving you a chance to attack one of the three eyes. There is a overall four to five phases of fight. You can read the phases below and it will repeat the same if you are not able to damage its health.

During the first phase of the boss fight battle you will have to attack the three eyes. The Owl boss will use a dash attack to hit you hard. Be ready to dodge and lock the eyes. Avoid attacking  on any other parts of the body, it is best to dodge instead of attacking anywhere. Avoid the charged attacks at any cost. The giant owl will turn red and rotate in the air before dashing into you. Dodge to the left or right at all cost, or else you will loose a tremendous amount of health.

The target of first phase of Owl Boss fight in Nioh 2 is to hit the three glowing eyes on his head. The best chance to hit the eyes when the Owl uses the charged attacks. It turns red, rotate and tries to hit you. This is where Tatarimokke pauses for a while, walk in front, use a spear to attack the eye. Repeat this three times and you enter into the second phase of Nioh 2 boss battle.

Things turns black here, the owl will not fly at this point. Avoid attacking Tatarimokke here, run around to find a orange flowing globe, hit it and you will be in the third phase of fight. Remember to avoid the incoming projectiles, because Tatarimokke will not let you destroy the globe, which resembles one its eye.

In the third phase you will be see the Owl in Nioh 2 will repeat the same kind of attacks, once again destroy the three eyes and then wait for the orange glowing globe to enter the final and last phase of fight.

The Owl Boss attacks are repetitive and has a common pattern. It is pretty easy to identify, you will deal with the Tatarimokke in the Dark Real twice. This is where he is more aggressive on the ground and other time he is active in the sky. Below are the drops you will get after killing the owl boss in Nioh 2 with lots of XP.

Nioh 2 Tatarimokke Owl Boss Rewards Drops:

  • Heroes Hatchet
  • Lords Tonfa
  • Sessai’s Switchglaive
  • Sohaya Garb Gaiters
  • Sohaya waistguard
  • Sohaya Gauntlets
  • Thronecusher Cannon
  • Exorcist’s Cuirass.

So this is how you defeat the owl boss Tatarimokke in Nioh 2.