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How To Instantly Restore Stamina In Nioh 2 PS4

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Stamina is everything in Nioh 2, without a depleted stamina meter you cannot perform strong attacks. Stamina is consumed by fast movement, by powerful attacks in Nioh 2 and it is visible in the form of the blue bar on the top left of the screen. It is in the center, whenever you dash or use combos you will see the Stamina depletes that will restrict your movements. Nioh 2 has a Ki Pulse feature, if you use this effectively you can restore your stamina in 1 second. So here is how you can recover your entire stamina in Nioh 2 PS4.

How to restore stamina fast in Nioh 2 PS4?

Whenever you Stamina is depleted in Nioh 2 you can restore it by pressing R1. But this will work only when Ki Pulse is active. There are two ways to use Ki Pulse to restore full stamina in Nioh 2, first you will have to keep a eye on the Stamina bar. If it turns Green hit R1 instantly to restore the full stamina back. But this can be a little tough when you are in combat because you might find it hard to watch the Stamina bar while fighting. Still, you can keep this pro tip to restore stamina instantly in Nioh 2 in your mind.

The second way to recover full stamina is when your character is surrounded by blue sparks. This will happen while playing the game and you will see blue glowing light around your character. This means it is the best time to press R1 and to restore 100% stamina back. Using Ki Pulse will be highly useful in Nioh 2. Especially when you are engaged with powerful enemies.

So these are how you can restore your stamina fast in Nioh 2. Another way to restore full health and everything is by visiting a Shrine. Just visit and pray, you will be good enough to get back into the business. Also choosing the right weapon and playstyle also matters the most in Nioh 2. With the right combination and skill set, you will be unstoppable.

Good luck Samurai!