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How To Earn Prestige Points In Nioh 2

Want to earn some reputation?

Nioh 2 is a challenging game and often times you will find yourself stuck and in need of some stat that will save your life, this is where Prestige Point accumulated throughout the game come into play. This guide will show you how to get prestige points and what they do in Nioh 2.

How To Earn Prestige Points In Nioh 2

Understanding Prestige Points in Nioh 2 isn’t as straightforward as you think it will be, there are two main categories in which Prestige Points are divided and they’re Ungyo and Agyo.

Both Ungyo and Agyo has different sets of requirements to them and they will need you to increase your Reputation in Nioh 2.

To increase your Reputation, you will have to obtain Titles in the game, once the Reputation meter is full, you will then get a Ungyo or a Agyo Title.

Each action you perform in the game provides you with a different Title, you will need to slay down at least 10 enemies with a bow to get an Ungyo Title, whereas if you obtain 10 Soul Cores from enemies you will get an Angyo Title.

You cannot know what action will lead to what Title and this is one method in which Nioh 2 developers want you to try as many different styles as possible. While you have to have a deep focus on combat, switching your styles every once in a while will help you earn Ungyo and Agyo Titles.

What To Do With Prestige Points In Nioh 2

Both Ungyo and Agyo Prestige Points will give you different passive buffs, these buffs come in handy when you’re in the heat of the action. Some passive buffs replenish your Ki, while others will make sure that the Elixirs give you more health.

Each title has its different use, and having as many as possible will give you a different approach to playing Nioh 2 making it feel less like a chore.

Each buff that you choose will replace from the list and you will have a completely random buff the next time. This makes Nioh 2 unpredictable in some aspects and this is all there is to know about how to earn Prestige Points in Nioh 2 and what to do with them.