How To Increase Stamina Bar In Nioh 2

Prasad More
3 Min Read

With every element taken into consideration, Nioh 2 can be a pretty exhausting game which will certainly confuse even the best of players out there. Nioh 2 features a different combat system and maintaining your stamina is important. This guide will show you how to increase stamina bar in Nioh 2.

How To Increase Stamina Bar In Nioh 2

While Nioh 2 is amazing and features a healthy amount of combat that will even surprise gaming veterans, the new stamina system is confusing and is creating a lot of confusion all over the world.

There are two things in Nioh 2 that you have to look for when making sure that your stamina doesn’t deplete when you need it most.

The Stamina of your character is shown in the green bar below the health of the character. Stamina is called Ki in Nioh 2 and having a healthy dose of stamina will enable you to pull off attacks and dodges.

The second aspect is the S Stamina of your character, and this is one of the eight statistics that give your character its attributes, however you have to keep in mind that even if you increase the Stamina stats will not have an effect on you Ki bar.

Your Stamina directly resonates your health, and the amount your character can carry in the game. This is a very confusing yet pivotal aspect of the game and learning it will give you the upper hand in battles.

To increase your Ki in Nioh 2, you will have to increase two other stats in the game and this will eventually have an impact on how you perceive combat in Nioh 2.

You will have to increase stats like Courage which will regenerate your Ki, the more stats you have invested in Courage the faster regenerate your Ki.

The second stat that you will need to invest to increase your Ki is Heart. This stat will increase the maximum amount of Ki your character possesses.

Both Heath and Courage are increasingly important as you progress in Nioh 2 and they will transform how you see combat in Nioh 2. This is all there is to know about how to increase your stamina in Nioh 2.