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How To Beat Sakata Kintoki “Dual Axe” Wielding Boss In Nioh 2

Nioh 2 throws a barrage of enemies on to you and fighting them can be really tough, Nioh 2 works a bit on the basis of Bloodborne and Dark Souls game where every blow will deal a huge damage. A lot of people are having problems defeating Sakatak Kintoki in Nioh 2 and this guide will show you how to beat Sakata Kintoki in Nioh 2.


How To Beat Sakata Kintoki “Dual Axe” Wielding Boss

The first thing you have to keep in mind is the fact that Sakata Kintoki is one of the toughest bosses in Nioh 2 but if you are well prepared for the fight, then you will be able to defeat this boss.

You will have to make sure that your stats are up to match to go up against Sakata Kintoki and rushing into to this battle without proper preparation will eventually result in your defeat.

There are a few things you will have to keep in mind and stats like Constitution, Heart, Skill and Magic are of prime importance.


You will need 90+ stats in your Constitution, this will increase your health, this will allow you to stand your ground and not be defeated with only a single hit from Sakata Kintoki. Constitution also aids in resisting to Poison and Paralysis, vitality is of prime importance in your fight against Sakata Kintoki.

Next, you will require around 30+ in Heart to make sure that you Ki is enough. Stamina is needed during a boss fight and the more Ki you have the more moves you will be able to pull off.


After Heart, you will need to invest around the same in Skill as you will need your Ki Pulse to constantly regenerate your Ki.

Last, you will need to invest in Magic, this will allow you have learn and carry more Onmyo Magic, but also the more stats in magic you will the more powerful your Onmyo Magic will be. You will need to invest around 40+ in Magic.


You will need to at a reasonable high level to beat Sakata Kintoki, we recommend level of 150+ at minimum. Make sure that you Defence is up high as well, anything above 1500+ will help you greatly.

Tips To Defeat Sakata Kintoki “Dual Axe” Weilding Boss In Nioh 2

Sakata Kintoki, is a rather slow boss but deals massive blows to your character so it is extremely important that you dodge and roll out of the way from his attacks. His attacks are charged and precise, a simple dodge timed to perfection will make sure that you are safe and out of harms way.

The best advice is to hide behind the trees when Sakata Kintoki is charging up his attacks, you will see a small bright light as he is charging his attacks with his Dual Axe. Going around the tree will make sure that he ends up damaging trees instead of you.

Another point to keep in mind is the fact that after a couple of blows, Sakata Kintoki will often pause, this moment will be your point of attack and you will need to use this time to deal as much damage as you can.

However, keep in mind that he won’t be paused for long, at max you will have a pause of 2 seconds before Sakata Kintoki attacks back.

Keep a good amount of distance from Sakata Kintoki as his axe weilding attacks are powerful and you might be badly hurt, use the Ki Pulse often.

It is recommended that you use weapons that you use a dual wielding weapon, this will increase your attack speed and make sure that you cause twice as much damage and quickly before retreating to a safe spot.

Make sure that you are always locked onto him and create spaces for yourself to dodge and then follow back with attacks of your own.

Sakata Kintoki “Dual Axe” Wielding Boss Drops

  • Kintaro’s Headband
  • Iceberg
  • Kintaro’s Cuirass
  • Master Swordsman’s Cuirass

This is all there is to know about how to defeat Sakata Kintoki “Dual Axe” Wielding Boss In Nioh 2. Check out how to defeat Hattori Hanzo boss in Nioh 2.