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How To Backstab In Nioh 2 – Stealth Attack tips and tricks

Stealth attack

Stealth in itself is a weapon, being invisible to your opponents and then landing a fatal blow ensure that you come out victorious and one such attack in Nioh 2 is called the Backstab. This guide will show you how to backstab in Nioh 2.

How To Backstab In Nioh 2

Backstab is a Ninja skill that allows you to creep up on a opponent and finish them off in one swift move, while the ability to Backstab is available in Nioh 2, you will have to unlock it first.

To unlock Backstab, you will have to progress in Nioh 2 for a bit, Backstab can be unlocked via the Ninja Skill Tree and you will need to acquire the skill called Sneak Attack. It will cost you one Ninja skill point to unlock this attack.

You can earn Ninja Skill points by performing moves made famous by the Ninja, use everything in your arsenal during battles to gain a Ninja Skill point, alternatively you can use a Ninja’s Locks to get a Ninja Skill point instantly.

To use the Sneak Attack or the Backstab, you will have to get behind an enemy while being undetected and press Triangle when the reticle turns red. This will make your character sneak up behind their enemies and kill them instantly.

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