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How to Use Ki Pulse in Nioh 2 – Recover Health Tips

You cannot miss this major advantage

Nioh 2 focuses largely on its combat and like its predecessor there is a combat mechanic called Ki Pulse in Nioh 2. Knowing how and when to use the Ki Pulse in Nioh 2 will give your a major advantage and this guide will show you how to use Ki Pulse in Nioh 2.

How to Use Ki Pulse in Nioh 2

Ki Pulse allows the players in Nioh 2 to instantly recover a portion of their own Ki to make sure that you aren’t completely helpless in battles. Ki Pulse is available only for a short amount of time and if you press the prompted button on time it will give you some of your Ki back.

To activate Ki Pulse, you will have to keep an eye on your Ki/Stamina bar on the upper left hand side of your screen. Every time you perform an action, your Ki gets depleted and this will eventually drain out your entire Ki leaving you completely open for attacks.

To use Ki Pulse in Nioh 2, make sure that you press R1 exactly when the Ki bar flashes white, this isn’t as easy as said but with enough practice you should be able to time it perfectly.

There are more uses for Ki Pulse in Nioh 2 and it isn’t just implemented in the game to give you a little bit of Ki boost. If you find yourself in the yokai-infected areas in the game, you can use Ki Pulse to clear those away.

You can see enemies with a black and white halo around them, this indicates that if you stand in the area your Ki generation will be very slow, while the enemy will regenerate their Ki faster.

You can use your Ki Pulse to dispel the area and take on such enemies. Doing this will make sure that you Ki doesn’t get depleted and will help you sustain in the fight much longer. This is all there is to know about how to use Ki Pulse in Nioh 2, make sure that you check out other guides on Nioh 2 as well.