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What To Do After Dying In Nioh 2 PS4 – How To Get All Amrita Back

Dying has consequences

In Nioh 2  you will die as you progress the story. Tougher enemies are waiting for you and it is not possible to take them down in one battle. When you die in Nioh 2 there are consequences. You will lose your guardian spirit and all your Amrita that you had collected all the way. That is why it is very important to manually save the game whenever possible. To manually save the game in Nioh 2 go to map and press Triangle. But if you die and want all your amrita back then here is what you have to do

What to do after dying in Nioh 2?

If you are killed there are three things to do in Nioh 2. All three choices bring different results. In some, you will get all your Amrita back along with your guardian spirit while sometimes you have to sacrifice.

How to get back all Amrita after dying in Nioh 2?

After getting killed you respawn at a default location. Go back to the place where you had died. Interact with the last death location and you will get everything back. You will retrieve your all collect Amrita from your grave. Remember using this method can give you everything back, but take care not to die again. If you die the second time after this all your Amrita will disappear.

Using the Summoners Candles, the safest method to recover Amrita in Nioh 2

Get some summoners candles in Nioh 2. It is a very useful item helping you to get back into the game with everything. You can use Summoners Candles in Nioh 2 to collect items from your last death position from any point in the map. You don’t really have to visit your last death location. Just use the candles and safely pull out all the Amrita and retrieve your guardian spirit.

How to retrieve Amrtia after dying through Shrine in Nioh 2?

The third and the last option to get back into the game is finding a shrine. You can call your guarding spirit at the shrine. But this comes with a price. You will get your guardian spirit back, but all your Amrita will be consumed. So you can start collecting them back again from scratch.

Nioh 2 also has an interesting feature where you summon and fight spirits of dead players. When they die they leave a red sword, you can use this to summon their spirit. If you win you will earn an item from their armor. One of the safest ways to play Nioh 2 is to save the game manually whenever possible. So that you can restart easily from the last checkpoint.