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How To Use Yokai Abilities In Nioh 2 PS4


Want to know what is Yokai in Nioh 2? How to use Yokai abilities in Nioh 2? and What is really needed to turn into Yokai?

Yokai is your monster mode in Nioh 2 PS4, an ability that will make you invulnerable to any attack for a short period of time. Also, your attack is highly increased. You can inflict high damage to enemies and soon end the battle, especially when you are dealing iwth a boss in Nioh 2. Using your Yokai transformation is quite amazing and a very useful technique in the game. But it recommended not to waste it, you can transform into a Yokai once your Amrita Guage is full. You can collect enough during your progress towards an objective from bodies. So here is a guide on using Yokai in Nioh 2 PS4.

How to use Yokai in Nioh 2 PS4?

When you are able to successfully transform yourself into a Yokai in Nioh 2, the victory will be on your side. But there is a limitation of using the powers of Yokai. As soon as your Amrita Guage is full press Triangle + Circle together to complete the full transformation of a samurai into a Yokai. Here timing is everything, you will not really like to waste this. Because once you used it, you will have to refill the Amrita gauge to reuse it.

In the Yokai form, you get high power, good range and you are almost invulnerable to attacks. This is the time to cause some serious damage. There are three different forms of Yokai you can take, it depends on the type of Guardian spirit you choose at the start of the game. Just after selecting the weapons, there are three types of guardian spirit. They are listed below.

Types of Guardian spirit in Nioh 2

  • The Fierce Wolf – Strenght +1
  • The Swift Bird – Heart +1
  • The Dark Phantasm – Magic +1

Based on the three spirits the attack differ, there are three types of forms you can take. They are Brute, Feral and Phantom.

  • Feral – Fast and strong, this form is best to dodge enemies attack and unleash powerful combos to throw away enemies off ground.
  • Brute – Use heavy weapons and unlock the ability to repel attacks. The Brute Yokai can swing devastating attacks from close range.
  • Phantom – Launch projectiles from distance, and then unleash attacks from a close range.

You will be able to take one of the three forms in Nioh 2 depending on the Guardian Spirit you select. Press R2+Circle to activate Burst Counter. A very strong move against enemies’ incoming attack. Using Burst Counter you can instantly attack enemies causing high damage on health and ki. It will make you invulnerable to attacks for a short while.

How to change Guardian Spirit in Nioh 2?

If you think the one you had selected is not working well, you can switch to another Guardian Spirit in Nioh 2. To change the guardian spirit in Nioh 2 you will have to visit the Shrine. There you will find options to switch to another spirit so that you can try out a different attack next time.