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Is Starfield Hero Worshipped Trait Worth It? (Pros, Cons)

Should You Take Hero Worshipped Trait In Starfield?

Many players wonder, “is the Starfield Hero Worshipped trait worth it” in their game? It is one of the main questions that may pop into your mind if you choose to get your obsessive Adoring Fan. As showcased since the early gameplay reveals of Starfield, many players were eager to try out this trait. And for long-time Bethesda fans, seeing the resemblance of the original Adoring Fan from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion reappearing was a joy. Even though you get a loyal companion as a ship’s crew member, a lack of good “Companion Skill” when compared to other crew members may make to reconsider your choice and remove this trait altogether. So, we will help you decide based on our hours of gameplay and compare both pros and cons of Hero Worshipped.

What is the Starfield Hero Worshipped Trait?

starfield adoring fan hero worshipped

As mentioned in the description of the Trait in-game, You’ve earned the attention of an annoying “Adoring Fan” who will show up randomly and jabber at you incessantly. On the plus side, he’ll join your ship’s crew and give you gifts… 

The Starfield Hero Worshipped Trait is a character trait that can be chosen at the start of the game. When chosen, the player character will gain an Adoring Fan, who will become a member of their ship’s crew. The Adoring Fan is a loyal companion who will follow the player’s character and offer assistance in various ways.

So by picking this trait, you earn yourself a free companion in the early game with the following companion skills:

  • Weight Lifting ★★
  • Scavenging ★
  • Concealment ★

Having the Hero Worshipped trait is almost equal to Fallout 4’s Strong Back (Strength) or Lone Wanderer (Lone Wanderer) perks active early in Starfield. Adoring Fan can carry the additional loads and even help you scavenge like the Scrounger (Luck) perk in Fallout 4. So if you want to be the “one-man army” against your enemies and collect everything you see around you in your journey, then Hero Worshipped is the trait for you. But only if you can put up your adoring fan’s constant praises and blabber.

Pros and Cons of the Starfield Hero Worshipped Trait

Here are both the pros and cons of Hero Worshipped Trait in Starfield:


  1. Free early game ship crew member
  2. Admirable skills in both carrying capacity and basic-level scavenging.
  3. He adds humorous moments and can be uplifting and cheerful even in heated gun fights.


  1. Many players find him annoying after a while.
  2. He lacks many major combat skills, unlike other better companions.
  3. The “give you gifts” part in the description doesn’t seem different than what other companions already do for you in the game.

Is the Hero Worshipped Trait Worth it in Starfield?

The Hero Worshiped trait is not worth it in Starfield, especially for your first playthrough. I suggest you pick this trait for your New Game+. It could have been one of the best early game traits if it would have benefited any other traits like “Extrovert.” But you can get Sarah Morgan as your first companion before the Adoring Fan, rendering this trait useless. And the gifts he gives are almost the same as what other companions offer. You will be better off using this trait slot for something like “Alien DNA” for better health and oxygen or any “Faction Traits” for greater quest rewards and bounties.

Also, from the story point of view, it doesn’t feel right to me to have an Adoring Fan who is head over heels for you just because he heard an SSNN news report of “a miner who faced Crimson Fleet pirates in Vectera, along with other miners present there.” And as he has no clue about the Strange object you picked up or your “EDM” visions, starting an entire fan club takes a bit away from the story element. But many players would argue that in the world of Starborn Powers and probably intelligent alien species building inconceivable devices, as per Matteo (no spoilers here; both were pointed/shown in dev direct and trailers), this tiny story element doesn’t matter.

But! As per players like Reddit user u/Capablemite, the Hero Worshipped Trait is one of the only traits you should ever get in Starfield.

So, considering everyone’s viewpoints and playstyles, whether the Starfield Hero Worshipped Trait is worth it depends on your opinion and choices. If you need a free crew member who can lift your mood in the game by sacrificing other better Traits like “Alien DNA” we mentioned above, you can try it out. Also, remember that Adoring Fan is not among the best companions in the game, like Sarah Morgan, Sam Coe, or Marika Boros for combat, Barrett against robots, or Andreja if you prefer a more stealth approach in the game.

How to Make the Best out of Adoring Fan Trait in Starfield

Here’s how to make the best out of this trait if you already picked it at the start of the game:

  1. Change your playstyle for solo (unlike previous Bethesda games).
  2. Do not let Adoring Fan equip your best weapons or suits.

Change Your Playstyle for Solo

If you played previous Bethesda games like Fallout 4 or Skyrim, you know companions can be helpful in games anywhere from giving useful insights to world events to taking down the toughest enemy factions and bosses. Adoring Fan is not the companion up for these tests. But what he lacks in combat can be covered by having additional carrying capacity than other companions in the game. If you think you can solo the game in peace, then your Adoring Fan is a living example that this journey is going to be anything but peaceful. So you need to tweak both your mindset and playstyle to accommodate him in this hours-long journey.

Do Not Let Adoring Fan Equip Your Best Weapons or Suits

Following up from the above pointer, unlike other companions in the game, do not give any of your best weapons to Adoring Fan. Considering the contributions he can bring to a gunfight, it would be better to keep the weapons in your inventory if ammo of one type runs out. While other companions can make the best out of the weapons you let them equip, like Sam Coe’s Rifle Certification or Sarah Morgan’s Lasers skills, Adoring Fan lacks any of these skills.

How to Remove Hero Worshipped Trait (Adoring Fan)

The easiest way to remove both Adoring Fan and Hero Worshipped Trait in Starfield is by using the following console command:

  • player.removeperk 227FD9

But note that using any Console Command will lock you out of future game achievements in your current save file. So, if you want to keep your achievements, then here are multiple ways to get rid of both Adoring Fan and Hero Worshipped Trait:

  • Use the Persuade option to get rid of him.
  • Ask him to “Kindly Get Lost.”
  • Talk about Fandom, then use dialogue options to remove him.
  • Use the Remove Crew Status Permanently option.

That’s all for our article on “is the Starfield Hero Worshipped trait worth it” in your game. While you are here, check out more of our Starfield articles, like should you tell Hadrian Sanon about her father, vendors with the most credits, and more.