Best Crew Members In Starfield

Not sure who you should add to your crew in Starfield? These are some of the best companions in the game.

Starfield has plenty of companions but not all of them can be considered best to be your crew members. Since a lot of this game revolves around exploration and visiting different planets. You are bound to meet different characters. Some of them can be hired while others you will need to recruit through quests. So don’t go on this journey alone as here are some companions that might be worth bringing along.

Best Companions to Add as Crew Members in Starfield

Starfield Best Companions and Crew Members

There are no objectively best companions in the game and it comes down to what you want from them. You can consider factors like whether you want them on your ship or to hold an outpost. Do you plan on romancing them or do you need their help in combat? These are some questions that can help you decide the best companions for you. But regardless of what you want from them here are some Companions who are very skillful in different situations:

  • Sarah Morgan
  • Barrett
  • Lin
  • Marika Boros

Here is why you might want them on your crew and how to recruit them:

Sarah Morgan – Best Crew Member in Starfield

Sarah is an excellent Pilot with her having rank 4 in Astrodynamics and overall is the best companion (or follower) that you can add to your crew. She also has rank 3 in Lasers which lets her do 30% more damage when using laser weapons so she can be plenty helpful in ground combat as well.

You meet Sarah at the end of the “One Small Step” mission.


If you are looking for a repairman for your ship then Barrett is your guy. He has rank 4 in Starship Engineering. With Barrett, you also get the rank 3 of Particle Beam Weapon Systems. So if you have particle weapons on your Ship they will deal 30% more damage.

To add Barrett to your crew you must complete the “Back to Vectera” mission.


Outposts are very important in Starfield and if you need someone to take care of them then you cannot find anyone better than Lin. She has Rank 3 in Outpost Management. This allows you to assign additional crew at the outposts.

You can recruit Lin from the “Back to Vectera” mission just like Barrett.

Marika Boros

Finally, if you are looking for someone to help you with combat then Marika could help you out. She has Ballistics Rank 2 which is one of the best skills to unlock first. That’s not all, with her you also get Rank 1 in Shotgun Certification and Particle Beam Weapon Systems.

Go to the Viewport in New Atlantis and you can hire her for 16,500 Credits. Or possibly lower if you can persuade her.

That’s it for the best crew members in Starfield. For more help on other topics check out the best ship weapons, how to get preorder rewards, and high price to pay quest.