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Best Starfield Skills To Unlock First

Not sure which skills to get first in Starfield? Here are our top 3 picks.

One of the hardest decisions in Starfield is which are the best skills to unlock and level up first. The game offers 5 different skill trees and a total of 82 skills. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. To level them up you also need to complete the Rank task it gives. As such selecting the right skills can be pretty daunting for beginners. So here are the three best skills that you should get when you start playing.

Which Skills Should You Unlock First in Starfield?

The 3 best skills to unlock first are:

  • Boost Pack Training
  • Commerce
  • Ballistics

Boost Pack Training – Best Skill to Get in Starfield

Boost Pack Training

Starting with the most important ability first. In Starfield, if you plan on using a jetpack, then this is a skill that you will have to invest in. Using a Jetpack basically works like a double jump. It has several different uses, most notably the versatility it gives you in combat. But when you choose to get creative with it, it can also be useful for exploring the different planets.


Commerce Best Skills in Starfield

If you plan on getting rich and making money fast in this game then this skill is a must. Commerce is a simple skill that lets you buy items for cheaper from vendors and sell them for more. While it may not sound very fancy it can be really useful the higher levels you reach with it. At rank 4 you can buy items for 20% less and sell them for 25% more. So you can see how handy it can get.



For the third skill ballistics is a great choice. Arguably you can ditch this and go for Pistol Certification or Lasers from the same tree. The reason I choose Ballistics is because it isn’t tied down to a specific type of weapon. Rather a type of ammo. While Pistol certification lets you deal 10% more damage when using pistols. Ballistics lets you do the same with any weapon that uses ballistic ammo.

Other Starfield Skills to Unlock and Level Up

The above 3 are the best but if you are looking for alternate options to them, then these are the next best skills in the game:

  • Persuasion
  • Stealth
  • Research Methods
  • Weight Lifting
  • Security
  • Theft

That’s all for the best skills to unlock and level up first in Starfield. We have a different article on all 300 plus skills in Starfield, this guide will give you detail of each and every skill in the game.

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