Starfield Digipick: How To Pick Locks (Easy Lockpicking Guide)

Not sure how lock picking works in Starfield? This quick tutorial will help you out.

In Starfield you can pick locks but the mechanism involves using Digipicks. Since this game is an Action RPG, the ability to open locked chests or doors can be very useful. They can give you access to better items or restricted areas early. But you first need to find Digipicks for them, you can think of them like keys or lockpicks. You will be needing a lot of them though because each time you use one, it gets consumed. So here is a full guide on the different security levels and how lockpicking works.

How to Pick Locks in Starfield Using Digipicks

How To Pick Locks In Starfield

To start lock picking you first need to collect Digipicks. These can be found throughout the game while exploring, from enemy loot, and other sources. We will check more about it in a bit.

Once you have Digipicks, here is what you do to get starting with lockpicking in Starfield.

  1. Interact with the lock on the door or safe.
  2. It will bring up a set of rings with gaps. Depending on the security level of the lock it can have several rings (layers) and open slots in them.
  3. You have to use the Digipick, that fits the open slot in the ring layers.
    1. Select the Digipicks and rotate them.
    2. Align them with the open slot and press the slot key button.
    3. Fill in the ring gaps to complete the rings.
  4. Do this for all layers and the lock will open.

Check out our video below to see how it is done:

How to Get More Digipicks in Starfield

Where To Find Digipicks In Starfield

As mentioned above, you can get them almost anywhere so you should explore as much as possible.

Here’s where to find Digipicks in Starfield:

  • Check your surroundings: Digipicks can be found simply lying on the ground, or even from chests. So make sure to look everywhere whenever you reach a new area.
  • Kill and loot enemies: Be sure to loot every enemy that you defeat. You never know one could be carrying a Digipick on them.
  • Buy from Vendor: Vendors can also sell you Digipicks for 35 Credits per pick.

Security Levels of Locks

There are three levels of security (known so far) that determine how difficult it will be to pick the locks. These also dictate the number of rings and open slots each lock will have. The levels are as follows:

  • Novice: 2 Security Rings (less open slots)
  • Advanced: 2 Security Rings (more open slots)
  • Expert: 3 Security Rings

Make sure to save your game before starting lock picking. Not only do you use up a Digipick when trying to lock pick. But each time you do restart or undo it still uses them up. So it is highly recommended you don’t rush when picking locks.

That’s our lockpicking guide on how to lock pick in Starfield and where you can find Digipicks from. In case you have the Premium Edition of the game, but can’t get it to start then you can try out the early access not working fix. As for more on other topics, you should check out how to change FOV, use Jetpack, and how to cook.