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Starfield Unlock Advanced Locks Guide

Check out this guide to know how you can unlock Advanced Locks and access areas and different chest with high security in Starfield.

Wondering how to unlock Advanced Locks and access areas or different chests effectively in Starfield? If yes, then don’t worry we have got you covered. While you may get used to the normal lockpicking as you start, the game ups the ante by increasing the security of locks as you progress. There are three levels of security and with each one being more difficult than the previous one you will need the proper use of digipicks and some skills at hand. Advanced locks are second-level security you will come across which have two rings that need to be successfully filled. So if you are wondering how to pick them in Starfield, then check out this guide to know more.

How to Unlock Advanced Lockpicking in Starfield

how to unlock advanced lockpicking in starfield

To unlock Advanced Locks in Starfield, players will first have to invest their skill points in the Security skill in Starfield. Unlocking the first rank in the security skill will let you hack and unlock Advanced Locks in the game. Along with the ability, players will also be able to have 2 Auto-Picks. You will find the skill under the Tech Skill tree in the game. Players will then have to go through the hacking process with their Digipicks and align them in the open slot accurately.

Each Advanced Lock will differ in the pattern of the rings. Players will have to solve it accordingly to unlock it. We would recommend you save the game before interacting with the door or chest locked with Advanced Locks. Being hasty while picking up locks won’t prove useful as you might not use the Digipicks accurately. Saving your game in Starfield gives you the best chance to pick locks efficiently in Starfield. Investing your skill points in the Security Skill right out of the bat will help you unlock more complex locks. This becomes useful as you progress through the campaign. Not only will this help you unlock chests for different items, but it will also help you access areas with a higher level of security.

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