Starfield Outposts Guide: How To Build, Best Locations

A guide to building the best outposts in Starfield, covering essential structures, upgrade modules, and more.

How to build outposts in Starfield? This game’s universe is yours for the taking, but you’ll need to construct outposts to make your mark truly. Outposts are hubs for mining precious resources, crafting equipment, and expanding your faction’s reach. While the game offers unparalleled freedom in base building, it provides little guidance on getting started. Don’t worry – with just a few key steps, you can quickly establish fully functional outposts on any planet you desire. We’ll talk about how to build the best outpost in Starfield on the right location.

How to Build Outposts in Starfield

How To Build Outposts In Starfield

  • Your first buildings should focus on survival necessities. Build a small home with the essentials like a bed, refiner, trade terminal, etc. Add simple power sources like solar panels and batteries. A basic farm with portable mineral/gas extractors will provide materials.
  • As you progress, upgrade to more advanced modules. Construct larger homes, wind farms, laboratories, armories, and trading posts. Install automated mineral/gas extractors. Build power plants, sensor arrays, and orbital communication towers. Develop defenses like walls, auto-turrets, and forcefields.
  • Consider creating specialized outposts dedicated to a particular function. For example, build a mining outpost near mineral hotspots or a research outpost focusing on science and exploration. Themed outposts with a consistent style are also fun to design.

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Best Location to Build an Outpost in Starfield

  • Focus on planets with moderate weather/Sentinels and abundant resources
  • Survey for flat, open areas away from hazards and creatures
  • Consider proximity to resources, points of interest, buildings
  • Unlock more planets with the Planetary Habitation skill
  • Look for resources you need, like minerals and gases
  • Scan the planet from orbit to check for resources
  • Avoid already developed settlements like cities

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What do you need to build in Outpost?

Most outposts will focus on mining a particular resource. To do this, you’ll need a resource extractor to harvest materials and an energy source like solar panels to power it. Build storage containers to hold your mined resources, or use a Transfer Container to grab them directly while on your ship.

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Use the Crafting module for crafting stations, research labs, and cooking areas. Keep your outpost safe with turrets from the Defenses module. Furnish your buildings with beds, cabinets, and refrigerators from the Furniture module.

That’s all about how to build best outposts in Starfield. If you found this guide helpful, check out our guides to find out how to change your companions, and explore more Starfield guides.