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Where To Assign Starfield Crew (Best Skills)

For the players who want to commandeer their ship efficiently, here are the best roles for all crew members in Starfield & what their skills do.

With plenty of options, choosing the best roles for your crew members in Starfield based on their crew skills can be a bit of a hassle. As you assign the crew companions, knowing the right roles for them is a crucial factor. Be it an outpost or ship, assigning the fitting jobs for the crew roster is as essential as using their best skills. That’s simply not for the sake of bonuses but also for the ship’s efficiency, space combat, and collecting resources. So, here are the best roles for crew members and what the crew skills do.

Where to Assign Crew Members in Starfield

While you can increase the number of your crew, you can only select three crew members at the start of the game. This includes assigning the members on your ship as well as outposts. You must assign different roles depending on the areas you are looking for. For that, you must manage them according to their best skills and areas of expertise.

So, here are the best roles to assign to all the crew members in Starfield depending on their skills:

  • Barrett – Ship Repairs
  • Sarah Morgan – Ground Combat & Exploration
  • Andreja – Stealth
  • Lin – Outpost Management
  • Marika Boros – Combat
  • Heller – Outpost Engineering

Now, let’s break down all the above roles of the above crew.

Barret – Ship Repairs

If you are looking for someone on your ship for repairs, Barret is the best choice for this role in Starfield. Here are the following skills that Barret offers:

  • Starship Engineering (Rank 4): Repair the entire system by repairing one block of a system.
  • Robotics (Rank 2): Deal 20% increased damage to robots and turrets. Also, forces the targeted robots 10 levels higher than you to flee temporarily.
  • Gastronomy (Rank 1): Craft specialty foods and drinks. Also, research additional recipes at the Research Lab.
  • Particle Beam Weapon Systems (Rank 3): Particle Beam weapons of the ship deal 30% increased damage and the Targeting mode cost is reduced by 30%.

Sarah Morgan – Ground Combat & Exploration

With the Astrodynamics and leadership skills, Sarah Morgan is unarguably the best companion in Starfield. While she is proficient in exploration and ground combat, you can utilize her best skills as your ship’s crew. Here are the following skills Sarah offers:

  • Astrodynamics (Rank 4): 50% reduced Grav Jump fuel cost.
  • Lasers (Rank 3): 30% more damage with Laser weapons.
  • Leadership (Rank 2): Companions get 50% more health and carry 50% more capacity.
  • Botany (Rank 1): Get more common and uncommon organic resources on the surface.

Andreja – Stealth

Andreja is the best crew member if you are looking for stealth-based gameplay. But aside from sneaking her way through enemies, she is also a great crew member for combat and space. So, here are all the skills of Andreja:

  • Stealth (Rank 4): 100% more difficult to detect while sneaking and opening doors no longer alert enemies. In addition, Suppressed weapons deal 20% more damage.
  • Particle Beams (Rank 3): Particle Beam weapons deal 30% more damage.
  • Energy Weapons Systems (Rank 2): Energy weapons of the ship deal 20% increased damage and Targeting mode is reduced by 30%.
  • Theft (Rank 1): Pickpocketing ability.

Lin – Outpost Management

Starfield Best Roles For Crew Members What Crew Skills Do

Even though Lin isn’t as versatile crew as other members, she is perfectly suited to be assigned at an outpost in Starfield. So, here are all the skills she offers:

  • Demolitions (Rank 1): Can throw grenades showing a trajectory arc with an increased explosion radius of 25%.
  • Outpost Management (Rank 3): You can assign more crew members alongside constructing more robots and cargo links.

Marika Boros – Best for Combat

Marika Boros is another crew member best for combat-oriented roles in Starfield. She can be pretty useful in space as a part of your ship’s crew as well as the outpost. Here are all the skills that Marika offers:

  • Shotgun Certification (Rank 1): Shotgun weapons do 10% more damage.
  • Ballistics (Rank 2): Ballistics weapons deal increased 20% damage.
  • Particle Beam Weapon Systems (Rank 1): Along with a reduced 10% Targeting Mode cost, the particle beam weapons of the ship do 10% increased damage.

Heller – Outpost Engineering

Starfield Best Roles For Crew Members What Crew Skills Do

If you are looking to construct advanced outpost modules, Heller is an ideal crew member for this job in Starfield. While she falls short in combat, she can be a boost for your outpost. Below, are all the skills Heller offers:

  • Geology (Rank 1): Get more common and uncommon inorganic resources from the surface.
  • Outpost Engineering (Rank 3): Researches and constructs cutting-edge Outpost Modules.

With many companions and crew members, we also recommend trying other crew based on your desired playthrough. Check out the best companions to add to your crew for more insight.

What Do Crew Skills Do in Starfield

All the Crew skills or perks of assigned crew members don’t apply to your main character. Instead, they are used to benefit the outposts and ships they are stationed at. You can utilize the crew skills in Starfield to receive the perks and buffs they offer. For example, Sarah’s Astrodynamics skill reduces the Grav Jump cost by 50%. If you assign this skill to your Home ship, you can reduce the jump cost by 50%.

However, the combat skills that your crew members offer are applied only to themselves. You can upgrade these skills by increasing their ranks for better results. For that, ensure that they have equipped the right weapons according to the assigned skills. If you are confused about them, check out the list of all the skills and the perks they offer.

That’s all about the best roles for crew members in Starfield. If you liked this guide, check out our guides to find out what happens to your old ship, and what happens to your unassigned crew members, and explore more Starfield Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.