How To Romance Sarah in Starfield?

This guide will give you all possible choices to pick before you reach highest affinity with Sarah and unlock Romance.

Sarah Morgan will be found early in the game and she will be with you in the majority of Starfield Missions. She is found in Jemison in the Headquarters of Constellation. In one of the mission objectives, you will have to head to the Lodge where you will find her and continue with the next quest. In this guide, you can find ways to increase affinity with Sarah Morgan. Unlock options to romance with Sarah Morgan and later marry her. Remember it all relies on the right dialogue choices, understanding the companion’s personality, and playing the hidden companion quest. So this will take hours to complete.

How to Romance with Sarah Morgan?

Romance Sarah Side Quest

Sarah is a companion who is dead serious about the task. She is also attached to the Constellation, so be ready for each and every work done by the Constellation. She prefers to avoid an aggressive approach towards a conflict. Her ways are to go diplomatic, so you have to pick answers based on that. Follow the below steps to unlock Romance with Sarah in Starfield.

Be friendly and curious about what Sarah is sharing with you. Do not go harsh like I told you, it wasn’t your fault or I don’t have time to talk about this right now, etc. Do not pick this choice. Always be interested in her story and be sensitive with your replies.  Do not forget to praise her, she will definitely start smiling and this will unlock the flirt option.

You will have to unlock the In Memoriam Side Quest first to begin the Romance and Marry Quest with Sarah. Follow these steps.

  1. Travel with Sarah as a companion and Get likes from her by choosing Flirt, Romance, etc.
  2. Always pick good options and use a friendly reply.
  3. Save the game after her reply in case you pick the wrong one, you can restart from the last quick save and change your choice.
  4. At the end of In Memoriam quest pick Romance Dialogue options.
  5. Whenever you have a choice between Friendship or Romance, always pick Romance.
  6. Continue traveling with Sarah until you see Commitment options unlocked.

Here is a list of some answer types you must always pick to increase affinity with Sarah Morgan in Starfield

  1. It’s absolutely beautiful.
  2. You can tell me whatever’s on your mind.
  3. You are not alone, you have me.
  4. You deserve to be with someone who understands your feelings.

You will have to show a lot of concern for Sarah’s personal issues also. In one such event, she will open up about a message from her mother. Dig deeper and you will see the Commitment option.

Starfield Sarah Commitment Choices

This is where Sarah’s marriage quest begins in Starfield. Next, you will have to meet Aja Mamasa and continue with all types of Romance and Commitment options.  Later sleep with her a few times and on the next dialogue option, you can get an option to end the marriage.

Starfield Romance Options – Increase Affinity & Get Married

It is a long tiring multiple-choice quest, and you will have to be particular in choosing the answers. However, you can break the marriage and she will be a little mad about the same. So this is how you can romance Sarah in Starfield. Also just in case you are looking for help in how to change companions then refer to the link & how to romance multiple characters in Starfield.