Starfield Romance Options – Increase Affinity & Get Married

You can unlock romance options with Andreja, Sam Coe, Sarah & Barett in this game. Here is a detailed guide on how romance works in Starfield.

Starfield has hidden Romance options that will unlock a strong bond with the companions. Romance Option is a kind of hidden questline that queries some work before starting. That means you cannot just ask a companion out, there is a way to reach the Romance Level and it unlocks. This guide will help you with that, you can learn how to romance with Andreja, Sam Coe, Sarah, and Barett in Starfield. Can you romance or marry multiple companions in Romance or why to romance?

Starfield Romance Options: Why It’s Important?

Starfield: Romance with Andreja quest

Romance with Companions in Starfield will unlock Companion Quests. You can then explore their backgrounds, issues, or any trauma they have gone through in the past. Some of them have an interesting back-story which makes the game more immersive. Among all the companions only four are available for this type of quest. They are Andreja, Sam Code, Sarah & Barett.

Once recruited all these four companions will remain with you. You can take one at a time in different missions and this is where you will get a chance to unlock the hidden Companion’s Quest. Each of them has affinity stats that increase depending on your actions and conversation with them. With the increase in affinity new quests are unlocked and pave the way to deepen your relationship with them.

Romance Sarah Side Quest

With more deeper conversation you can find out more about the companion. Like about their past, after this, they also become a lot more supportive than before. They will try to support you in all your decisions. Companion’s Quest is unlocked when they ask for help for some personal issue. This will open a new questline and while speaking to them you will have to choose. Go with Romance or stay with Friendship. Choosing Romance will make your future story more interesting.

Can you Marry a Companion in Starfield?

Yes, you can get married in Starfield. As you progress deeper into the Romancing Quest you will reach a point where you have to pick Friendship or move forwards towards Commitment. Taking the second choice will take you towards marriage, and this will involve a few more steps. You just have to investigate deeper and ask about their personal life, family members, etc. Resting in bed with a companion will give you a small XP boost. There is no major impact of getting married in Starfield. It is just to have a permanent companion with you always during space travel.

Starfield Sarah Commitment Choices

There is no negative effect if you romance with multiple companions in the game. All have different stories and different kinds of quest lines, so you can proceed with your options. Always prefer to choose Flirting and try to dig deeper into their life by being polite and neutral. Companions have different characters and based on your response you can proceed further into the relationship. Below are some tips on how to romance companions based on their personality you have to modify your reply. Make sure you exhaust every dialogue option with them.

Secret to Unlock Romance Quest

Starfield has more than 300 skills, and one of the important skills is Persuasion. It falls under the Social Skills Tier 1, the third one after Commerce and Gastronomy. Persuasion skill has four ranks and if you can reach up to Rank 3 then unlocking Romance options with Companions will be easy and faster.

  • Persuasion Skill Rank 1: +10% Persuasion
  • Persuasion Skill Rank 2: +20% Persuasion
  • Persuasion Skill Rank 1: +30% Persuasion
  • Persuasion Skill Rank 1: +50% Persuasion

If you are struggling to unlock Romance Dialogue with Companions then focus on upgrading these skills.

Who to Romance in Starfield & Why?

There are four Companions in Starfield that are currently available for Romance and Marriage. They are Andreja, Sam Coe, Sarah & Barrett. Each of these companions has a different characteristic and personal story. Based on that you will have to pick the right dialogue choices to unlock Romance, and later Commitment that will lead to a Marriage proposal. You can also break a marriage if you are no longer happy. Check the guides below to unlock Romance Quest in Starfield.

Sarah Romance Walkthrough

  • Astrodynamics – 4 stars
  • Lasers – 3 stars
  • Leadership – 2 stars
  • Botany – 1 star

Andreja Romance Walkthrough

  • Stealth – 4 stars
  • Particle Beams – 3 stars
  • Energy Weapon Systems – 2 stars
  • Theft – 1 star

Sam Coe Romance Walkthrough

  • Piloting – 4 stars
  • Rifle Certification – 3 stars
  • Payloads – 2 stars
  • Geology – 1 star

Barrett Romance Walkthrough

  • Starship Engineering – 4 stars
  • Particle Beam Weapon Systems – 3 stars
  • Robotics – 2 stars
  • Gastronomy – 1 star

Based on the above stats Andreja is first and next Sarah is the best to romance with. Andreja’s stealth kill will pay off in many missions. Here Theft skill will also help you in getting out items with minimum effort.

So this was a detailed guide on Starfield Romance Quest. You can refer to the link to each and every companion and check out how to unlock marriage proposals in Starfield. For more help on the game please pay a visit to our Starfield guide section.