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How To Romance Sam Coe In Starfield?

Looking for some help to unlock romance and marriage options with Sam Coe then here is a detailed guide.

Sam Coe is one of the 20 companions in Starfield. He will be available after Empty Next Quest. You can persuade Sam to romance and later throw a marriage proposal. Sam Coe owns a broader level of skills that can help you a lot in your journey. To romance with Sam Coe, you will have to unlock dialogue options and speak to him whenever he wants. Dig a little deeper into his life and he will open with you which will lead to Commitment. Here is a detailed guide on how to romance with Sam Coe.

Sam Coe Romance & Marriage Walkthrough

Starfield: Sam Coe Romancing Quest

Sam Coe will be available after completing the Empty Nest Quest. You will have to reach Akila City which is located in the Cheyenne Star System. There will be an objective of taking down some robbers and finding a missing map. Locate the treasure using the map and then go to New Atlantis and talk to Sam. Give him the loot and he will then join you as a crew. This is the first step and now comes various dialogue options.

  1. Always look for the flirt option while talking to Sam.
  2. You will need to collect likes from Sam.
  3. Along with Sam Coe, you will need to have a healthy conversation with his daughter Cora Coe.
  4. Sam is not a rough personality, so a lot of your persuasion choices will help you.
  5. He is more concerned about completing objectives and has a detailed plan.

Convincing Sam Coe into Marriage will not be tough. Later after going with a lot of persuation, you will be finding the Flirt option. Take that and slowly you will see the Friendship and Romance option in the dialogue choice. Pick Romance to continue with the Marriage proposal. All you have to do is wait for the Commitment option that will appear as you go friendly.

Starfield: Sam Coe Romance

Conversation with Sam Coe’s daughter also plays a vital role in unlocking Commitment choice.  The final marriage will take place in the presence of Jacob Coe who is Sam Coe’s father. Some conversation is required here with a few more NPC’s including Sarah Coe. Later in the final stage, Mayor Elias will announce the marriage.

Starfield Romance Options – Increase Affinity & Get Married

So this is how you can unlock romance and get married to Sam Coe in Starfield. There is a lot of talking and if you go with a friendly tone picking Flirt always in the choice the end goal is a happy ending.

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