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Can You Romance Multiple Characters In Starfield?

Is it possile to romance Sarah and Andreja together or marry two characters? Here is the answer.

Starfield has around 20 different companions or NPCs who join you in your journey once added as a Crew Member. Among these twenty you can romance with four of them. This can turn into a marriage proposal with the rise in affinity. But can you romance with two or three companions in Starfield? Will it damage your relationship? Here are the exact details on what happens if you flirt with more than one companion in Starfield.

Romancing Multiple Companions Consequences in Starfield

Starfield Romance Multiple Companions

Romance Mission or Quest are unlocked once you are able to persuade companions enough to share their personal stories. These objectives are linked with one single Companion only. Before that, you can Flirt with multiple characters and there will be no impact. But as you progress into Companion Exclusive Romance Quest, you cannot talk to other companions.

For example to Romance with Andreja, you have to complete Divided Loyalties. For Sarah, complete the In Memoriam quest. After this, you will have some exclusive quests that provide info about Companions past. This is where they will expect your full attention if you really want to reach the Commitment Level.

Also pursuing Romance with multiple companions will slow down the process. This means it will more time to reach the Commitment level with a single companion. You can simply focus on one of them and reach the Marriage level. Then break the marriage and start Flirting with the second one.

Starfield Romance Options – Increase Affinity & Get Married

Check our Starfield Romance Options guide linked above. This guide covers all the necessary preparation you will need to complete the Romacing Quest. The end goal of this relationship-related quest is to get a strong travel companion throughout the game. There are some XP boosts also, and you can trade gears with them.

Starfield Companion Romancing Quest totally relies on dialogues. Each one is different and has a unique personality. For example, Sarah will not be happy if you break rules during side missions, while Barrett is only focused on getting the quest done. They will praise you for the work which will increase the Affinity level. Once it reaches a point, the Flirt option unlocks in the dialogue. Picking Flirt multiple times will unlock a Romance or Friendship choice.

Following the Romance path will lead to Commitment which is getting married to the Companions in Starfield. So this is how everything works, it is possible to romance multiple characters in Starfield, but only to a level until you unlock companion-exclusive missions.

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