Can You Kill Companions In Starfield?

Tempted to shoot your companions in Starfield? Here is the answer to whether you can kill them or if they will survive.

Since this is a Bethesda game, many players want to know if you can kill your companions in Starfield. No matter if you have played any Skyrim or Fallout games before, you must have heard praises about how Bethesda lets players deal with the NPCs. In this game, there are different types of characters that you can add to your team. Some need to be hired, several you meet during main missions, others while side quests, and more. So here is what happens when you attack them fatally.

Can You Kill Your Starfield Companions?

Starfield Can Companions Permanently Die

No, there is no way for you to kill your companions in this game. You can attack them to your heart’s content. But that would be just wasting ammo. You will be able to knock them down. This will make them crawl until you heal them, or unless some time passes. But eventually, your companions will come back around.

Take Adoring Fan for example, no matter how much you attack him. He will just take your hits and say something must be wrong with your weapon. Or will apologize for getting the way of where you were aiming. But won’t die.

Check out our video below to see how Adoring Fan reacts when you attack him

Can Companions Permanently Die?

For a short answer Yes, companions can in fact die in the game. Warning minor spoilers ahead, during the High Price to Pay mission, one of your companions will die. But that is due to how the story is designed and your character isn’t the one killing it. So the only way characters or NPCs die in this game is when the story or missions decide them to.

That’s all on if you can kill companions in Starfield and if they can die. If you are looking for more on this game then be sure to check out the fix for Into the Unknown quest, the best crew members, and how to get structural materials. As for help on other topics not mentioned here be sure to check out our Starfield section.