Starfield Structural Material: How To Get Resource

Here are the places where you can find some Structural in Starfield.

Feeling crafty but can’t build things because you need Structural Material in Starfield? Well, worry not you aren’t alone. Many players in the game who are looking to make basic furniture or things like storage crates find themselves to not having this resource in their inventory. But if you go around blindly from planet to planet looking for it you will run out of fuel faster than finding some. So here are all the ways how you can farm it.

Best Places to Find Structural Material in Starfield

Starfield how to Get and Farm Structural Material

The best way to get Structural Material for free is by exploring biomes with organic life forms. The more fauna and flora a planet has, the higher chances you have of getting Structural from it.

So whenever you reach one such system, as soon as you spot some forest go there and scan the area. Structural material should now be highlighted. Go and harvest them and you will have plenty of Structural in no time. You can also kill monsters for their bones to get it.

In case this method seems too tedious, then here are some other ways that you can use as well:

  • Purchase from Vendors: Vendors in this game sell all sorts of things and Structural Material happens to be one of these resources. One such vendor is Wen Tseng.
    1. Travel to Jemison Commercial District.
    2. Go to the UC Distribution Center.
    3. From her, you can buy Structural Material.
  • Looting: Whenever you go to another planet you can often loot the different storage containers, enemy outposts or bases, and more. There is a chance some of them might be home to Structural.

These were some of the best ways to farm Structural Material in this game. While you are here don’t forget to check out our other guides on the best faction, whether you should side with Zoe or Louisa, and Almagest Jackpot Combination. And if you need help with other topics not mentioned above then be sure to visit our Starfield section.