Starfield Alternating Currents: Choose Louisa Or Zoe?

Wondering who gives you a better offer Zoe or Louisa? Here is who you should help in Starfield Alternating Currents.

One of your first big choices will be whether to help Louisa or Zoe in Alternating Currents in Starfield. It is part of the Trapping the Grid quest. The goal of this quest is fairly simple, you have to locate various junction boxes and power them down. Amidst all this, you will end up collecting some evidence that both these characters happen to be after. So here is what happens when you side with one over the other and whom you should help out.

Should You Pick Zoe or Louisa in Alternating Currents in Starfield?

Starfield Alternating Currents Walkthrough

It doesn’t matter whether you side with Zoe or Louisa both of them will give you the same rewards for the quest, that is:

  • 2000 Credits
  • Quest XP

It won’t even matter whether you choose 47B or 45A junction box. The quest will always end up with the same outcome.

So far in our playthrough, we haven’t noticed any changes from the Trade Authority even after siding with Louisa. Considering you are helping Louisa throughout the quest I would suggest siding up with her though. This just feels right, especially if you are going for a good person playthrough.

However, if you are worried about losing favors from the Trade Authority, then you can side with Zoe too. As mentioned above, the quest rewards will still be the same. Here are the different dialogues that you get when you choose one over the other.

Pick Zoe in Alternating Currents

Zoe: “I’m glad you made the right decision. I’ll look this over, and make sure the MAST gets just as much as they need. Not a bit more. The Trade Authority will not forget what you’ve done for us.”

Giving Evidence to Louisa

Louisa: “Great. I’ll get this back to MAST for analysis. I’m not stupid, I know Zoe probably made you an offer. I appreciate that you didn’t take it. And I’m really glad we got to work together on this.”

That’s it for the Alternating Currents quest and who you should hand over the evidence to. For more help on this game also check out our guides on Almagest jackpot combination code, the best skills to unlock first, and how to make money fast.