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Starfield High Price To Pay Choice: Go To The Eye Or Stay At The Lodge?

Unable to decide whether you should Stay at the Lodge or go to the Eye? Here is what happens for each choice in High Price to pay in Starfield.

Unlike Alternating Currents, the choice you make in High Price to Pay matters in Starfield. This is a main quest that you will do after progressing the game a bit. Upon returning to New Atlantis after retrieving the Artifacts, this mission will start. Here you will be forced to either stay behind to defend the Lodge or go to the Eye. Both these choices will have a major impact on this story. So be prepared for some spoilers as here is what happens for each choice.

Should You Go to The Eye or Stay at The Lodge in Starfield?

Should you Go to the Eye or Stay at the Lodge in Starfield
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No matter whether you stay behind or go to the Eye, one of your companions will always die. The one that will die will be at the location where you choose to not go. To make things worse, this companion will also be the one with whom you have the highest Affinity. This was the lesser spoiler version of the answer. So make sure you pick a favorite when you are making this choice.

For those that don’t mind major spoilers or have predicted some of it, the characters with the highest chances of death happen to be:

  • Andreja
  • Barrett
  • Sam
  • Sarah

How to Save Companions from Dying in High Price to Pay in Starfield

As mentioned above, at least one companion will die no matter what you do. So to save your favorite companion you must go to where they are situated i.e. The Lodge or The Eye. Remember, going to one location means being unable to reach the other. So there is no point in hoping you will be able to save everyone. At least no ways are known so far. If you are having trouble deciding whom to save you can consider the one you plan on romancing later.

That’s all on whether you should go to the Eye or stay at the Lodge during High Price to Pay. For more help on other topics of this game be sure to check out our guides on how to get structural material, Almagest jackpot combination, and which is the best faction to join. As for help on any guides not mentioned here, head over to our Starfield section.