How To Romance Barrett In Starfield?

Tips on how to unlock all romance quest with Barrett and how to get max likes to unlock Commitment.

Barrett appears in Starfield and he is quite a fun-loving guy in Starfield. To unlock Romantic Quest with Barrett you will first to need add him as a Companion and then proceed with various dialogue options. Finally when you see options as Friendship or Romance. The first goal is to unlock Barret an active companion in Starfield. This will help you to choose missions that will unlock more discussion with Barrett.

Barrett Romance & Marriage Walkthrough

Barrett Romance Guide

To unlock Barrett complete the Breach of Contract quest in Starfield. Or complete the story mission Back to Veetera, after completing the next three quests and you will meet Barrett multiple times here. At the end of these missions, Barret will be available as an active companion available for exploration. Increasing affinity is a way to unlock the Romance options. Follow the below steps.

  1. Get max likes from Barrett and this is easy if you can unlock Rank 3 or three of Persuasion kills from the skill tree.
  2. While talking make sure you go slow and pick the choices that can give you more likes.
  3. Look for the “Flirt” Option and pick that to impress him.
  4. After 4 to 5 Flirt Conversation you will see the Friendship and Romance option.
  5. Barrett misses his deceased husband, and he will not be happy if you try learning more about his personal life.
  6. You can make Barrett happy by completing the task. Even if you break rules he will still praise you.
  7. During the conversation, Barett will request you to talk about his deceased husband. He wants help in investigating his death, you can agree to help him to strengthen your relationship.

The goal here is the same that applies to all companions who are open to Romance. That is choosing Flirt options whenever it is in the dialogue. Continuing the same will lead to unlocking the Friendship and Romance choices. Picking Romance will then unlock a new chain of dialogue, which will further take you to the Commitment choice.

Barrett Marriage Starfiedl

One of the indicators that your Affinity with Barrett is rising and you are close to commitment is he will talk more about his deceased husband Ervin. He is curious to find out what happened to him, and he requires some funding for the investigation process. Fund it with a few thousand credits and proceed with the final choices.

Starfield Romance Options – Increase Affinity & Get Married

Finally, after talking to a few more NPCs in the investigation you will be meeting Barrett again and again. Completing Breach of Contract Quest will also keep you on the same path.

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