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Where Should I Build My First Outpost In Starfield? (Best Location)

Wondering the best first outposts in Starfield and where to set them up? Here's where you can build your first outposts.

If you are confused about where to set up the first outpost in Starfield, you might be looking for the best locations to build outposts. You don’t want to miss out on building and using the best outposts as there are many factors involved. This includes a location that is rich in resources, flora, fauna, and an environment suitable for setting up an outpost. Since you cannot set up your outpost in a location with adverse or extreme weather conditions. But how to find and build the best outpost? Check out our guide to find out everything about building your first starting outposts.

Where to Set Up the First Outpost in Starfield

The best location for setting up your first outpost in Starfield is the Andraphon Moon which orbits around the planet Sumati. You can find this planet within the Narion system which requires two jumps from the Sol and Alpha Centauri systems. While this moon is a barren wasteland, you can find the most essential resources over here.

You can find the following resources at Andraphon moon:

  • Helium (He3)
  • Aluminium (Al)
  • Iron (Fe)
  • Beryllium (Be)
  • Europium (Eu)

But like traits, there are some downsides to choosing the Andraphon as your first outpost. As you land on this moon, you will find no flora, fauna, or water. So, we also have another recommendation for building your first outpost.

You can choose the planet Jemison within the Alpha Centauri system to set up your first outpost in Starfield. Unlike Andraphon, Jemison is abundant with the flora, fauna, and the resources. With the standard O2 atmosphere, its Magnetosphere is strong and has water most importantly. Furthermore, it also features three planet traits to start with.

So, here are all the resources you can find at Jemison:

  • Water (H20)
  • Chlorine (Cl)
  • Lead (Pb)
  • Argon (Ar)
  • Chlorosilane (SiH3Cl)

On top of the rich resources, you can also find some surreal views from the planet Jemison. As this planet is located within Alpha Centauri, it will also require you a single jump to reach there. Due to its temperate climate, Jemison is an ideal and more favorable planet for building your first outpost.

We will update this guide with more planets or moons as your starting outposts as we explore more planets. Until then, you can check out our guide on how to assign crew to your outposts. Also, check out our guide on how to build outposts for more insight.

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