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How To Discover Planet Traits In Starfield (Unlock Features)

Explore and unlock planet traits in Starfield to find unique features and characteristics.

Discovered a new planet and are looking for its features? Here is how to unlock planet traits in Starfield. The universe has many unknown and undiscovered mysteries. And you have got the opportunity to explore the strange, yet amusing celestial bodies. All planets like ours have their own and sometimes unique features or characteristics. There can be one trait or multiple on one planet. As you walk around the surface of a planet, you will see many fascinating rock formations, coral formations, and ecological variations pleasing to the eye. But knowing which of these is that planet’s traits can be confusing, so read along and add the traits.

How to Discover and Unlock Planet Traits in Starfield

How To Discover Planet Traits In Starfield

Planet traits cannot be discovered from the outside. You have to first visit the planet. Once you are on the planet, walk around and look for something that looks abnormal or unique. These can be anything from the fauna lifeforms to the strange flora. After you have discovered something like that, take out your Scanner. Press F for PC and LB for Controller to get the Scanner.

You can move while holding the Scanner. The movement you land on something unexplored, you will see “Unexplored Biological Feature“, “Unexplored Geology Feature“, “Unexplored Ecological Feature” or something similar. Press E to Scan and add the trait in planet details.

A planet usually has 0-3 traits. And a number of traits are visible in the planet’s details. But they have question marks on them before you discover them. The best way to find traits is by exploring different sides of the planet. You can first explore the north and look at different biomes, or you can land on the south and look for biomes of that part.

Explore, discover, and unlock the planet traits in Starfield with this guide. Once you have gotten the hang of the system, try learning other fascinating features of the game. You can check our Starfield guides to learn them. Start with which religion you should join and then unlock the best skills.