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Religions In Starfield: Which Should You Join & Believe (Explained)

What religions in Starfield to believe in and join? Check out our guide that explains which Starfield religion should you choose and the best one.

If you cannot pick the best religion in Starfield during character creation, it’s alright as selecting between all the traits can be quite confusing. Though optional, choosing these traits has its own pros and cons in Bethesda’s Starfield. Aside from believing in something, these religions offer you chests, rewards, and certain ally conversations. But as selecting any one trait locks you out in choosing others, you must choose any one ideal religion for your character. Don’t worry, check out our that explains all the religions and which trait should you choose.

All Starfield Religions Explained

Starfield Religions Explained

In total, there are three religions in Starfield you can choose as you choose the traits. They are:

  • Raised Enlightened
  • Raised Universal
  • Serpent’s Embrace

While all the above traits are mutually exclusive, each one of them offers certain buffs, advantages, and rewards. As you go through these religious traits in the character creation screen, it is all about major two religions. Since the Enlightened and Universal religions are pitted against each other, choosing any one trait locks the rewards of the other.

So, let’s break down every Religion trait:

Raised Enlightened

As soon as you choose to believe in Raised Enlightened, you will unlock chest rewards exclusive to this Starfield religion. You also unlock some special dialogue options with the Raised Enlighted priests and allies. To get the House of the Enlightened chest, head to the church in the New Atlantis located at Jemison.

Here are all the chest rewards you can get:

  • Charity in a Godless Universe: Part I (Book)
  • Charity in a Godless Universe: Part II (Book)
  • Charity in a Godless Universe: Part III (Book)
  • Charity in a Godless Universe: Part IV (Book)
  • Drink Pack: Water
  • 5 Med Packs
  • 2 Penicillins
  • Settler Poncho outfit

But one major drawback is that you are locked to the chest rewards by choosing the Raised Universal trait.

Raised Universal

Likewise, you unlock the chest rewards exclusive to Raised Universal by choosing this religion. You also unlock some special dialogue options with the Universal priests and allies. Head to the Constellation’s headquarters in the New Atlantis to get the Sanctum Universum chest.

Here are all the chest rewards you can get:

  • Sanctum Universum, Vol 1 (Book)
  • Sanctum Universum, Vol 2 (Book)
  • Sanctum Universum, Vol 3 (Book)
  • Boom Pop! Orange
  • 5 Med Packs
  • 2 Addichrones
  • Festive Neocity Poncho outfit

But note that as you choose this religion, you will lose the chest rewards gained by choosing an Enlightened religion.

Serepent’s Embrace

Aside from the above two pitting religions in Starfield, the Serpent’s Embrace is a cult that worships the Great Serpent. This cult, also known as the House of the Va’rrun offers you two major advantages.

They are as follows:

  • Increased Health (+25)
  • Increased Oxygen (+25)

But the twist here is that you must continuously grav jump every four hours. If you don’t, the above stats will decrease and might have opposite results. In addition to the above trait perks, you will also unlock special dialogues with the House Va’rrun priests and NPCs.

What is the Best Starfield Religion To Choose?

For us, the Serpent’s Embrace is the best religion to choose. Rather than the rewards offered by the Enlightened and Universals, this religion offers you advantages for combat and exploration. With more oxygen and health, you can endure in space as well as on the surface longer.

While the House of the Va’rrun does have some corny cultish dialogues, it feels a safer option. But if you are looking for some early rewards, choosing Enlightened or Universal is also not a bad idea.

How to Leave Your Religion?

Starfield Religions Explained

As you can remove certain traits in Starfield, you can also leave your chosen religion. But ensure claiming the chest rewards before you quit religions.

  • For that, you must head to the churches or temples of these religions.
  • Interact and speak to the head priest or zealots over there.
  • Then, choose the “I’m not sure I want to be a part of (Enlightened, Universal, Serpent’s Embrace) anymore.
    • This dialogue option might differ for all three religions. But once you choose this dialogue, you can remove the trait.

That’s everything covered about all the Starfield Religions. If you found this guide helpful, check out our guides to find out the best skills to unlock first, how to increase carrying capacity, and explore more Starfield Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.

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