Starfield: How To Increase Carrying Capacity

Check out this guide to know how you can increase your suit's carrying capacity to store items in Starfield.

While Starfield planets consist of plenty of loot that you can plunder and items you can purchase, there is only so much space in your suit’s inventory to carry everything. In the Action RPG, players will come across a variety of items, weapons, etc. that may be deemed important to different objectives, missions, or because of their overall use. And as you don’t want to miss out on such items, increasing the carrying capacity of your suit becomes essential as you progress in Starfield. Not to mention, overloading your inventory also causes you to deplete more oxygen and even health at times. So if you are looking to increase the capacity of your suit’s inventory, then check out this guide to know more.

How to Increase Carrying Capacity in Starfield

how to increase inventory space in starfield

Players can increase their suit’s Carrying Capacity by unlocking the Weight Lifting skill in Starfield. It is one skill that you will come across in the Physical Skills Tree section of the game. Long Hauler and Homestead background players will have it unlocked automatically at the start of their campaign. The Weight Lifting Skill increases the current carrying capacity of the suit for each rank. Likewise, you can upgrade the skill further up to 3 more ranks in the game:

  • Rank 1: Increase total carrying capacity by 10 kilograms.
  • Rank 2: Increase total carrying capacity by 25 kilograms.
  • Rank 3: Increase total carrying capacity by 50 kilograms.
  • Rank 4: Increase total carrying capacity by 100 Kilograms and also gain 50% resistance to stagger.

Given that you start your journey across space with a maximum load capacity of 135 kilograms for your suit’s inventory, the Weight Lifting skill is your best bet in Starfield to increase it. The maximum rank will give you about 235 kilograms of carrying capacity in the game. As mentioned earlier, players will have to manage the inventory load accordingly or they might risk losing oxygen or even health in the game. Here are some of the ways through which you can manage your inventory:

  • Trading gears with your companions will allow you to make them hold some of the items for the time being
  • Interact with the Ship’s Cargo Hold and store unnecessary items for a while

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