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Starfield: How To Cook (Cooking Guide)

Check out this guide to know how you can different recipes to restore health and for added buffs in Starfield.

Starfield lets players cook different recipes, that they will come across while exploring the vast galaxies and traveling from planet to planet. There are various recipes you will find in different habitable planets. And while most of them will restore your health on the go, some of them will also give different buffs and enhance your stats. Not to mention, there is only so much prepared food that you can have in your inventory. Along with the recipes, you will also need to get the cooking ingredients required in Starfield. So if you are wondering all about cooking and how exactly can you do it, then here is a guide you should check out further.

How to Cook in Starfield

cooking station in starfield
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To cook in Starfield, players will first have to unlock the Gastronomy skill in the game. You will come across the skill under the Social Skill Tree and unlock it with one skill point. With the skill unlocked, you will be able to craft different meals and drinks and research additional recipes in-game. This will also give you access to brand-new ingredients. After unlocking the skill, players can interact with the at the Cooking Station in the game. You will find one of them inside your first ship in the game. Another one is located inside the basement of The Lodge in New Atlantis. However, you will have to accept Sarah Morgan’s invitation to join the Constellation, to access the Basement and use it in the game.

You can interact with the Cooking Station by hitting the A button on the controller or E on the keyboard. Once done, it will open up the menu with all the recipes you have unlocked so far in your campaign. You can unlock more in the research lab with your Gastronomy skills in the game. For cooking ingredients, you will have to explore different planets for loot or purchase them from vendors in Starfield. It is worth mentioning that you will come across these vendors in abundance in major cities. Consuming the cooked food will help you restore your health and will also let you have passive bonuses in the game.

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