Starfield Boost Pack: How To Use Jet Pack

Check out this guide to know all about the Boost Pack and how you can get and use it in Starfield.

Starfield Boost Packs or Jet Packs are effective and essential for navigating your way through difficult terrains. Not to mention, these devices can give you the upper hand needed during combat with different aliens, spacers, etc. in the game. With Starfield consisting of a legion of planets, each with a different habitat, organisms, and even gravity these Boost Packs will surely help you get around much more easily.

So if you are wondering how exactly can you get them around the galaxies and use them accordingly, then here is a guide about Starfield Boost packs that you should check out further.

How to Get a Jet Pack or Boost Pack in Starfield

how to get jet pack in starfield

Method 1 to find a Jet Pack

  1. One way through which players can get one of their first Jet Packs aka Boost Packs in Starfield is to follow the main questline.
  2. Once you learn about Constellation from Barret at Vectera, players will have to head toward The Lodge in New Atlantis. You will find New Atlantis located on the planet called Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system.
  3. Follow through with all the objectives, show the artifact to the group, and talk to Sarah Morgan, she will ask you to join Constellation in Starfield. After joining the organization, you will be rewarded with the Constellation Pack.

Method 2 to find a Jet Pack

Another way to get a Jet Pack would be to explore different planets for vendors or loot enemy fleets in Starfield. Although you will find them difficult to come across in the game. Tons of different missions in Starfield might help you obtain another Boost Pack to jump around.

How to Use a Starfield Boost Pack

how to use jet pack in starfield

To use the Jet Pack at their disposal, players will have to unlock Boost Pack Training skills in Starfield. You can unlock the skill from the Tech Skills Tree for a single skill point in the game. We would recommend unlocking the skill early on in the game as soon as you get the option to unlock a skill. The Boost Pack Training skill will be automatically unlocked if you choose the Soldier background during your character creation in Starfield. Once unlocked, you will have to equip the Jet Pack through your inventory in the game.

Starfield Boost Pack Controls

After equipping the Jet Pack, you will have to press the jump button while in the air to use it in Starfield. You can hit the Y button on your Xbox controller or press Space on your keyboard to do so. There is a finite amount of time you can use the Boost Pack which is indicated with its Fuel Bar on the right side. You will have to use it accordingly and return to the ground safely. It is worth mentioning that you can upgrade the skill 3 ranks further in the game:

  • Rank 1: Unlock the use of Boost Pack
  • Rank 2: Using Boost Pack expends less fuel
  • Rank 3: Boost Pack fuel regenerates quickly
  • Rank 4: Doubles all the previous bonuses

That’s everything covered on how to get & use Jet Pack in Starfield. If you find this guide helpful, check out our dedicated Starfield Guides section, right here on Gamer Tweak.