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How Many Planets Are In Starfield (Answered)

Does Starfield have infinite planets? Check out our guide to find out how many planets are in Starfield.

If you are unsure and asking how many planets are in Starfield, it’s valid due to the enormous size of Bethesda’s recent IP. Being 25 years into the making, the devs tried Starfield to stretch out as infinite as the cosmos (close). But will each of these planets be handcrafted or procedurally generated? And since it’s a question of life or no life, will these planets be fully explorable? Check out our guide to find out the number of planets and whether will they have life.

How Many Planets Are in Starfield?

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Starfield has 1000 planets spread across 100 star systems as confirmed by Bethesda’s creative director, Todd Howard. While all the 1000 planets won’t be handcrafted, many will be procedurally generated. With several planets, you can explore the characteristics, species, features, climate, and enemies within these diverse worlds.

Todd Howard confirmed that certain individual locations of these planets will be handcrafted while most of them will be procedurally generated. These locations include the main cities and quest regions in these worlds. Whenever you land on a different planet, you will encounter specific objectives or quests to complete. Despite the planets being created using AI, the faced conditions will be different for players.

Do These 1000 Planets Will Have Life?

No, only 10% of the 1000 Planets will have life on them in Starfield. That means only 100 planets will be habitable with creatures, organisms, settlements, & more. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot explore 90% of the total planets. Although they won’t contain life, these planets will hold deep mysteries to explore. These Barren planets with no life will be rich in resources.

This can be a great way to collect items, materials, and resources as you find them. As Todd Howard explains, it is about uncovering what planets are in a kind of “Goldilocks zone” with life. And the Barren Planets with no life where you can explore for resources. Quoting Buzz Aldrin’s message, “Magnificient Desolation“, Howard says that there is beauty in landing on these planets. That’s because you will be the only one visiting these planets.

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