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Best Reactors In Starfield Ranked

Need the best reactor for your starship in Starfield? Here are the top reactors to power your space voyages.

With its vast universe containing over 1,000 planets to explore, having a top-tier reactor in your starship is crucial for journeying in Starfield. The reactor is the power source that propels your spaceship through the stars, fueling your adventures to the system’s farthest reaches.

The reactors come in A, B, and C-classes, with C being the highest quality. With over 60 reactors available and more being discovered, finding the optimal one takes time. We’ll list the best reactors in Starfield.

Best Starfield Reactors for your Ship and How to Get Them

Choosing the right reactor is crucial in Starfield. This essential module provides the power for your starship as you traverse the vastness of space.  The Reactor type determines the power allocation for ship parts during flights.

Based on gameplay mechanics, here are some top Reactors to consider:

5) Z-Machine 1000

For early games, the Z-Machine 1000 B-class Reactor is a top choice. With 14 Power Generation and a 2.45 Repair Rate, this reactor only needs Piloting Rank 3 to obtain.

4) 124MM Toroidal

The 124MM Toroidal Reactor is an A-class Reactor providing 18 Power Generation with 24 Reactor Health and 355 Hull. As a lower-tier Reactor, it offers decent capabilities for early to mid-game ships, providing enough power for basic ship functions and upgrades. With no skill requirements, this reactor’s 12065 value makes it an affordable option for new pilots looking to equip their first customizable ship.

3) Theta Pinch C9

The Theta Pinch C9 Reactor by Amun Dunn is a top-of-the-line C-class choice. This reactor generates 37 Power with a 6.09 Repair Rate, 1215 Hull, and 122 Health. To obtain the Theta Pinch C9, players must first reach Piloting Rank 4 and Starship Design Rank 2. This reactor becomes purchasable at the Deimos Staryard upon hitting the required level.

2) Fusor DC402

The Fusor DC402 offers 38 Power Generation, 1020 Hull, 5.75 Repair Rate, and 102 Health. Like the SF40, you’ll need Piloting Rank 4 and Starship Design Rank 2 before purchasing from the Akila City Ship Technician after hitting level 60.

1) SF40 Sheared Flow

Another outstanding C-class reactor from Dogstar is the SF40 Sheared Flow Reactor, a C-class component. Boasting 40 Power Generation, 116 Health, 1315 Hull, and 5.80 Repair Rate, this reactor becomes available at the Akila City Ship Technician after reaching level 60 if you have Piloting Rank 4 and Starship Design Rank 2.

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