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Should You Kill Or Negotiate With Larry In Starfield?

Unable to figure out between Killing or Sparing Larry in Starfield? Here are the outcomes for both of these decisions.

During the Breaking the Bank quest, you will have to choose between killing or sparing Larry Dumbrosky in Starfield. Making any decision here will change the course of the storyline. So you must know the outcomes of killing or negotiating with him. Because then only you’ll be able to make a more appropriate choice. That said, here’s what can happen if you either Kill or Spare Larry in Breaking the Bank Quest.

Should you Kill or Spare Larry in Starfield?

Here’s how killing and sparing Larry Dumbrosky can affect your storyline in Starfield:

Kill Larry

Choosing to Kill Larry will alert everyone on the Ship and will make them hostile against you. You will have to engage in a long battle until all the incoming enemies are cleared. Also, you will be chased down by the United Colonies’s officials because of this action.

Spare Larry

If you Spare him, then you’ll remain safe throughout the mission. But you will have to speak with two NPCs before obtaining intel from Larry. Which NPCs? Well, you will have to interact with Klaudia Swist and Gabriel Vera to persuade them to give information about Larry. Both of them will reveal that they and Larry were together in defrauding GalBank. This information is necessary before confronting Larry because then only he’ll be ready to negotiate with you.

Should you Kill or Spare Larry in Starfield?

So should you Kill or Spare Larry in Starfield? According to me, you should spare him and be up for a negotiation. That’s because killing would make you a target of the United Colonies and would force you to live as a fugitive. Which is probably not a good decision, provided there’s a lot of exploration to do. But if you like to keep it aggressive, then you can kill Larry as well. In the end, it really comes down to your own preference.

Making decisions is an important part of this game and you will be doing it on several occasions. Should you Join the UC Vanguard is one such difficult decision to make.

Anyways, now that you know the outcomes for killing and sparing Larry in Starfield, we hope there aren’t any more confusion left. For more Starfield Guides, you can check out our dedicated section for it at Gamer Tweak. We have plenty of helpful content for you there.

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