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Starfield UC Vanguard – Should You Join United Colonies Faction?

Wondering if you should be a part of UC Vanguard in Starfield? Here's our guide with all the benefits.

Starfield is known for its numerous factions, colonies, planets, and universal exploration. With numerous choices out there throughout the game, players will find themselves wondering at the start if they should join the United Colonies Vanguard aka UC Vanguard in Starfield. While our suggestion is pretty clear, we will also explain why we are making this choice in the game. So, if you are stuck between whether you should or should not join them, our guide has all the answers you need.

Should you Join the UC Vanguard in Starfield?

How to Join the UC Vanguard in Starfield

Yes, absolutely, players should join the UC Vanguard in Starfield since it opens up a world of possibilities. You can explore new quests, planets, and universes and they can be extremely rewarding on occasions. The best part about Starfield is that you can join any factions without consequences and while United Colonies are not the best factions, they are certainly ones that players should join at the start. Additionally, faction side quests are some of the best ways to farm credits and excellent loot so keeping that in mind, make sure you join the UV Vanguard soon.

How to Join the United Colonies Vanguard

Players can join the UC Vanguard by heading to the UC Building in the MAST District, at New Atlantis on Jemison. While you are here, interact with John Tuala and you will get the option to join UC Vanguard in Starfield. Select the Yes option once you get the prompt while talking to him and then you can start reaping the benefits of the United Colonies Vanguard.

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