How To Quick Swap Weapons In Starfield (Assign To Favorites)

Need to switch between your weapons faster in Starfield? You should check out how to quick swap.

In Starfield, you can Quick Swap weapons or healing & other equipment with your currently equipped item. Having to open your inventory to select an item for consumption each time can become a hassle. It isn’t a very viable way to play. Thankfully, the developers have added a quick select menu to let us use our favorite items on the fly. So here is how you can switch between different equipment fast.

How to Use Quick Swap to Starfield (Carry More Weapons)

How To Quick Swap In Starfield

To quickly switch between different weapons, healing items, grenades, or other things you have to use the Quick Select menu. Here is how it works:

  • PC
    1. Press the Q-key on your keyboard.
    2. Next, press the number or other key where you have assigned the equipment as your favorite.
  • Xbox
    1. Press any directional button on the D-pad.
    2. Next, go to the equipment that you want to use.
    3. Finally, press the A button.

You will now equip the new item you just selected from the menu.

How to Assign and Add Equipment to Favorites in Starfield

How To Add Weapons and Items to Favorite in Quick Select Menu

  1. Open your Inventory. You can directly press I on the Keyboard or press the menu button on your controller and go to inventory.
  2. Next, select the weapon or item that you wish to add to the quick select menu.
  3. Press the Y button on your controller or the B-key on the keyboard.
  4. Now, assign it a position in the quick select menu. For keyboard controls, press any key between 1 to 0 and “[” “]” keys. As for the controller, assign it to any direction on the D-pad.

Using the Quick Select menu you can instantly, switch between up to 12 pieces of equipment.

With this, you can easily use hotkeys to quick swap between weapons and other equipment in Starfield. While you are here I suggest you also check out how to pick locks. This is one of the skills that will be pretty handy in this game. As for more help on other topics of this game, you can check out our Starfield section. Here you can find guides on how to disable turrets, increase carrying capacity, and more.