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Best Ship Weapons To Use In Starfield

Out of all the weapon types, these are the weapons that you should use on your ship in Starfield.

As you playthrough Starfield, you will want the best weapons on your Ship. But finding the right ones isn’t easy, and things get difficult as you can only have 3 weapons attached at a time. This in itself has a criterion that each weapon needs to be of a different type. So when you consider your options between lasers, ballistics, missiles, cannons, and EM weapons there is a lot to choose from. So here is a quick explanation of their basic differences and the ones you should add to your ship.

Best Weapons for your Ship in Starfield

Starfiled Best Ship Weapons

The best weapons are:

  • Ballistic
    • Dangan PB RF Autocannon
  • Laser
    • Flare 15MW IR Laser
  • Missile
    • CE-09 Missile Launcher

How different Weapon Types Work

There are four types of weapons:

  • Laser Weapons: Damage enemy ship’s shield. Useful when you plan to board their ship for looting stealing.
  • Ballistic Weapons: Damage enemy ship’s hull. Useful to destroy the enemy ships and get rid of them.
  • Missile Weapons: Deals an equal amount of damage to their hull and shield at the cost of being slower and more prone to missing.
  • EM Weapons: Electro Magnetic weapons are excellent for attacking the enemy ship’s system. They are the best weapons to use when you want to disable an enemy ship for looting. They work even better than lasers for this specific use case.

Laser vs. Pulse Laser Weapons

The main difference between the two is speed vs. damage. Lasers do more shield damage at a slower fire rate. Pulse lasers are the exact opposite of Laser weapons.

Cannons Vs Autocannons

Cannons and Autocannons are the same as Lasers and Pulse lasers but for Ballistic weapons. That means Cannons deal more Hull damage at a slower fire rate and vice versa for Autocannons.

This should clear every doubt for you regarding the best weapons in Starfield and their damage types. If you need help on more topics of this game then be sure to check our guides on how to get structural materials, get Preorder rewards, and if you should stay at Lodge or go to the Eye.