How To Get Constellation Suit In Starfield (Preorder Rewards)

Here is where you can find all your preorder rewards in Starfield.

If you got the Premium Edition of Starfield then you can find preorder rewards like the Constellation suit waiting for you. But unlike many games, which give you a notification popup about receiving these rewards and the ability to equip them from the start. Here, you have to play a bit before you can start using them. It makes it all worth it later though. So here is where you can find your preorder bonus.

How to Find Preorder Bonus in Starfield (Constellation Suit & all Rewards)

Where to Find Constellation Suit and Preorder Rewards in Starfield

You can find the Constellation Suit along with other preorder rewards at Jemison, specifically at the Lodge.

  1. Start playing the campaign until you can go to Jemison. In Alpha Centauri system, it is the third planet.
  2. Eventually, you will go to the Lodge for one of the missions.
  3. Talk to Sarah to get a key that you can use to open the basement.
  4. Now, you can access the Workshop. It is easy to recognize as there are several workbenches here.
  5. Walk up to and use the specific workbench to get the appropriate skin rewards.

The rewards that you can find are as follows:

  • Weapons Workbench
    • Old Mars Skin for the Laser Cutter.
  • Spacesuit Workbench
    • Old Mars Skin for Deep Mining Space Helmet.
    • Constellation Pack.
    • Technician’s Deep Mining Set.

These Workbenches are also where you can install mods on your equipment and change them. Since the above rewards are a bonus that you get for preordering the game, you can directly install them. So you don’t have to worry about having additional resources like Structural Material or anything else to be able to use it.

That’s all on where you can find preorder rewards like Constellation Suit and Old Mars Pack in Starfield and how to use them. If you have just started playing the game then be sure to check our guides on the best faction to join, the Almagest jackpot combination, and the Alternating Currents quest.