How To Remove Alien DNA Trait In Starfield?

Alien DNA Trait increases max health and oxygen but reduces the effectiveness of healing items. Here is how to get rid of it.

At the start of Starfield during character customization you can pick three traits to unlock some boost. For example Hero Worshipped, a trait that gives you an annoying fan who will keep on following you. It is possible to remove these traits in mid of Starfield to get rid of negative impact. Like Alien DNA, it increases maximum health and oxygen but will reduce the effectiveness of healing items. Every trait can be removed by visiting a specific NPC, Here is how to get rid of Alien DNA in Starfield.

Cost of Removing Alien DNA in Starfield

Starfield Reliant Medical Location

Be ready to pay around 1,000 Credits if you want to remove the Alien DNA Trait. This is possible by visiting a doctor in the New Atlantis Residential District. Here is how to get there.

  • Go to New Atlantis, which is located in the Alpha Centauri System.
  • Visit Reliant Medical and go to the Doctor’s Office.
  • Talk to Doctor Alexei and select option – [Alien DNA] I don’t feel well. I think it’s tied to an experiment.
  • Just pay 1000 Credits and remove the trait from your character attributes.

If you are not able to see the dialogue choice select Tell me more about Reliant Medical and continue talking until you see the option. You can also purchase medical supplies, restore full health, and remove traits from here. Here are some more options you will find while talking to the Doctor.

  • Heal wounds: 400 Credits
  • Cure Afflictions: 500 Credits
  • Take care of it all: 750 Credits.

At the same place in Reliant Medical, you can get rid of two more traits. That is the Empath Trait and Space Trait. The first one will boost your combat only if your companions approve it. If they hate your actions then will have a negative impact on your combat effectiveness. The second one will increase Health and oxygen during space or start station combat. But will will reduce your combat power on the surface of the planet and moon.

You can also get rid of Terra Firma trait at the same spot. It will also cost 1000 Credits. The trait will boost health and oxygen on the surface of the planet and moons, but it will decrease the same when you are in space.

In a similar way for each trait, there is a specific NPC. Talking to the person will help you to get rid of the trait. Here is a list of some traits and how to get rid of them if you no longer need them.

  1. Dream Home Trait: Go to Galbank in New Atlantis and request the back to close the mortgage and return the house.
  2. Extrovert Trait: Go to The Well of New Atlantis on Jemison and talk to the head of the Church of Enlightened.
  3. Introvert Trait: Go to The Well of New Atlantis on Jemison and talk to the head of the Church of Enlightened.
  4. Hero Worshipped Trait: Encourage your adoring fan into combat, this will force him to leave the party.
  5. Kid Stuff Trait: Talk to your parents and tell them you cannot support them.
  6. Neon Street Rat Trait: Talk to Madam Sauvage in Ebbside Bar.
  7. Raised Enlightened Trait: Talk to Andy Singh in the Hosue of the Enlightened.

This guide will be updated as soon as we find more ways to get rid of traits. Till then you can check our Starfield Guides section for more help on the game.