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Starfield New Atlantis Location Guide (Map & Activities)

Land on the New Atlantis of Starfield and explore to buy weapons, food, and more.

Are you looking for one of the most prime locations, New Atlantis of Starfield? Your search ends here. Read along to find out where this city is located and how to get there. There are many cities and settlements to explore and utilize in the Starfield, but some excel overall. New Atlantis is one such city you discover and explore early in the game. The place has many districts and buildings to shop for weapons, food, and more. And this place has a rich history of unity with different inhabitants.

Where to Find Starfield New Atlantis Location

New Atlantis Starfield

New Atlantis is located in the Jemison plant of the Alpha Centauri system. It is the capital city of the United Colonies.

Starfield New Atlantis Location

To go there, first locate the planet and then use Scan. Hopefully, you will see a landing point. You can use this picture to know and set the landing target of New Atlantis. Use Mouse1 to set the landing target. And then hold X to land there. You can Fast Travel there after you have visited it once. When your ship lands in the city, use X to exit it. And then explore these buildings of Starfield New Atlantis for weapons, food, enhancement, resting, and more:

Places to Explore in New Atlantis City Guide

  • GalBank
  • House of the Enlightened
  • Apex Electronics
  • Jemison Mercantile
  • Reliant Medical
  • MAST Building
  • Sanctum Universum
  • Settled Systems News Network
  • Terrabrew Coffee
  • Enhance!
  • The Lodge
  • The Viewport
  • NAT
  • Jake’s
  • Kay’s Place
  • Freestar Collective Embassy
  • Va’ruun Embassy
  • Aphelion Realty
  • Armistice Archives
  • CJ’s
  • Centaurian Arsenal
  • UC Distribution Center
  • United Colonies Security and Safety
  • UC Surplus
  • Outland
  • Trade Authority

That’s all on where to find New Atlantis in Starfield. If you found this guide interesting and are looking for more Starfield guides, check this dedicated list. And while you are here, read how to get Holster weapons and what is The Mantis Floor Puzzle.