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Starfield: How To Use Medpack & Healing Items?

There are multiple items that can be used to restore health, here is how to us them.

Health does not restore automatically in Starfield. You will lose health in many places, like in attack, during hunting, jumping, or walking in danger zones. To survive you can use different healing items that work differently. For example Bandages, they restore 75% of your health, while a Granola Mix can restore 100% of your health. It is best to keep Healing Items in Quick Slot, for instant consumption during battles. This guide will help you with everything, from healing items, to how to use them to how to add them to the Quick Slot bar.

How to Heal?

Starfield Med Pack

There are two ways to Heal when low on health in Starfield. First by pressing Tab and then navigating through the menu. And second is by loading all Healing items in the Quick Slot menu. You can access this menu instantly by pressing B from the keyboard and leaving D-pad on the Controller.

How to Add Healing Items to Quick Slot?

Press the Tab key and go to the Inventory. Then scroll down to the “AID” Menu. Select the healing item and then press B from the keyboard. It will launch a Quick Slot Menu, and then place it in one of the slots. There are in total 8 slots and you can use the left 1, 2 & 3 to keep Healing items.

Starfield Quick Slot Next time to heal just launch the Quick Slot and pick the healing item. Select the item and then press A. You can add up to three Healing items to the left Quick Slot. This is the quickest way to heal fast in Starfield. Now read below how to find these healing items in the game.

Where to find AID Items?

Starfield Med Pack

Inside settlements, buildings, etc. you can easily locate the first-aid box through the scanner. These boxes always have some healing items like a bandage or a syringe. They are also dropped by enemies.

Starfield Healing Items

List of all Healing Items:

  • AMP: +35% Movement Speed and 2x Jump Height for 2m. (Restores 75% Health)
  • Bandages: Treats confusion, Lacerations, and puncture wounds. (Restores 75% Health)
  • Heart+: +20% Health & +200 Damage Resistance for 2m.
  • Med Pack – Restores 5% Health for 9s
  • Granola Mix: Restores 5 Health
  • Container of Cereal: Restores 5 Health
  • Meal Pack Tofu: Restores 5 Health

So these were important healing items in Starfield. Another important guide you must check out is Starfield Status Effect & Affliction Cure. This guide will help you with issues related to injuries and illness. AID items are the ones that are used for healing here also, but not all work for all types of illnesses.

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