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Should You Tell Hadrian Sanon About Her Father In Starfield?

Can Hadrian Sanon take the truth about his father? Find out if you should tell Hadrian about her Father in Starfield.

If you are confused about whether you should tell Hadrian Sanon about her father in Starfield, it’s valid as it’s a crucial choice while progressing the UC Vanguard faction questline. As you uncover the truth about Hadrian’s father aka Vae Victis, you will have two choices to choose from. You can choose to tell the truth about her father also known as Francois Sanon, who played a huge role in the Terramorph outbreak. Or you can keep this truth to yourself till you complete the UC Vanguard missions. Although either choice doesn’t affect the main quests, they alter your playthrough.

Disclaimer: The following guide contains heavy spoilers about the main story and plot. If you mind such spoilers, now is the time to head back and check again, later.

Should You Tell Hadrian About Her Father in Starfield?

Starfield Tell Hadrian About Her Father

There are no lasting consequences if you choose to tell Hadrian Sanon about her father in Starfield during the UC Vanguard questline. It doesn’t affect any rewards you get for completing the UC questline. However, choosing Hadrian to tell the truth will lock you out of a quest that involves helping Vae Victus track down war criminals from his cell. You will get many chances to tell Hadrian about her father as you progress the questline. But if you postpone telling her, she will ultimately come to know about her father’s involvement in the Terramorph outbreak.

If you want to double-time and get more rewards, lie to Hadrian in Starfield while siding with her father. As you lie to Hadrian and the Cabinet, the blame for the Terramorph outbreak falls on Dr.Reginald Orlase. While making him a perpetrator of the attacks, you also lie that he is dead. Compared to telling Hadrian the real truth, this path follows a complex questline making you an assassin for Hadrian’s father. These missions involve hunting and eliminating the war criminals tasked by Vae Victus.

But if you are looking for a simpler playthrough, choose telling the truth about her father to Hadrian. You will discover a somewhat resolved character development of her as she accepts the truth. This choice will lock you out of the quests offered by Vae Victus. Nevertheless, becoming a UC Vanguard Class One citizen pays a lot more.

No matter if you tell Hadrian the truth or lie to her in Starfield, you can collect the Class One citizen rewards from Commander Tula after completing the UC Vanguard questline. You will earn free credits, discounts on goods and services, and a new penthouse as a UC class one citizen. To gain access to the penthouse, visit the Aphelion Realty office. So, we leave the rest of the decision to you.

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