Should You Kill Maya Cruz In Starfield (Surgical Strike)?

Wondering if you should spare or kill Maya in Starfield? Here's where you can find out everything about the right Maya Cruz choice in the Surgical Strike mission.

If you don’t know whether you should spare or kill Maya Cruz in Starfield, it’s alright as it is a crucial choice in one of the Freestar Collective faction missions, Surgical Strike. You will meet Maya as you engage with her advanced robots after exploring the old asteroid mine in the Eklund Excavation site CL25 at Sakharov. But as you confront her, she doesn’t put much of a fight leaving you with two choices. You must decide whether to kill Maya or not between these choices.

Key Points:

  • You will meet Maya Cruz during the Surgical Strike (Freestar Collective Faction) mission in Starfield.
  • Choosing to Spare Maya will give you the Encrypted Slate.
  • Choosing to Kill Maya will reward you with loot with the Encrypted Slate.
  • Both the choices lead to taking the quest item to Alex Shadid in Akila for decryption.

Should You Kill or Spare Maya in Starfield?

Starfield Kill or Spare Maya Cruz

There are no direct consequences if you choose to spare or kill Maya Cruz in Starfield during the Surgical Strike mission. No matter what you choose, you won’t get any information about the First from her. If you decide to spare Maya, she will give you the Encrypted Slate and ask you to crack it. But if you choose to kill her, she will drop the Encrypted Slate alongside the loot. For this Faction mission, the Encrypted Slate is an important item to progress. Both the choices for Maya Cruz in Starfield ultimately give you this item, so picking either dialogue option is safe.

Here are two choices for Maya you must choose between:

  • I’m not leaving until I get some information about the First. (Spare Maya)
  • You leave me no choice. (Attack Maya)

For us, choosing to kill Maya Cruz seems a more fitting option due to the rewarding loot. If you kill her, here are the following items you are rewarded:

  • 3KV LZR Cartridge (50)
  • Arc Welder
  • Trauma Pack
  • Encrypted Slate

But if you choose to spare Maya in Starfield, you will get only the quest item. Nevertheless, both choices lead to giving the Slate to Alex Shadid in Akila planet within the Cheyenne system to decrypt the information. So, we leave the rest of the decision to you.

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