Should You Join Freestar Collective In Starfield?

Is Freestar Collective a good Faction to Join in Starfield? Check out here to know.

Should you team up with the Rangers and join the Freestar Collective Faction in Starfield? For those who don’t know, Freestar Rangers represent a Faction known as Freestar Collective which rivals with the United Colonies Vanguard. Just like any other group, this one also offers you missions with handsome rewards. Sounds intriguing right? But there are pros and cons for each decision you make. And that’s what you will get to know here. So check out below to know if you should join forces with the Freestar Rangers or not.

Should you Join Freestar Rangers in Starfield?

Freestar Rangers follow the ideals of Libertarianism that works totally opposite from the UC Vanguard. Their Faction mission usually involves hunting down outlaws and fugitives. As soon as you team up with the Rangers, you’ll be rewarded with Freestar Unique Apparel and a Deadeye Revolver. Just to let you know that the revolver does some insane damage. Not only that but joining Freestar Collective will also give you access to their base known as the Rock in Akila City, Akila Planet. Is this all good enough for you to join the Freestar Collective in Starfield?

Should You Join Freestar Collective In Starfield?

According to me, you should join the Freestar Ranger because why not? I mean, avoiding combat against the bounties is the only valid reason for not joining the Freestar Collective. And since you can join all major Factions like UC Vanguard, Constellation, etc., then why not this one?

In the end, joining or not joining this Faction depends upon your gameplay nature. Join them if you like action-packed quests and don’t join them if you like keeping it shady.

That’s all the pros and cons of joining the Freestar Collective in Starfield. For more such informative guides, you can check out our dedicated section for Starfield at Gamer Tweak. You will find plenty of helpful content there.