Should I Join The Constellation In Starfield? (Answered)

Confused whether or not to join Constellation? Check out this guide to know everything explained about the choice to join the faction in Starfield.

Wondering whether or not to join the Constellation and explore the mysteries across the space in Starfield? The space action RPG consists of different factions controlling various systems, that players can join and be a part of. Each faction comprises of set of missions that players can complete. Constellation is a faction committed to exploring the mysteries of the world and the very first one you will come across in Starfield. However, with everything considered and with the options available, players might wonder if they should join the organization. And if you are thinking the same thing, then here is a guide explaining everything to make things easy for you.

Should You Join Constellation in Starfield?

should i join constellation in starfield

Players will come across Constellation at the very start of their campaign in Starfield as the organization leading the mysteries of the artifact. After dealing with the tutorial section of the game and interacting with Berret on Vectera, players will soon realize that they have no option but to join Constellation. You will have to visit the Constellation headquarters known as The Lodge no matter what option you choose while talking to Berret. The reason why Starfield forces you to become a member of the Constellation is because the organization is at the core of the game. All the main story missions you will come across are related to being a part of Constellation member and finding out the mysteries of the artifact you discovered.

And while it may come across as a bummer to a few, there is one additional point to be taken into consideration. Alongside joining Constellation, players will also be able to be a part of any of the other factions like UC Vanguard or Freestar Collective in Starfield. This lets you explore other faction’s missions with the main story of the game.

Not to mention, joining Constellation is no disadvantage either. You will be able to access your room inside The Lodge along with all the necessary crafting stations in one place. You will also get your hands on the Frontier your very own ship in Starfield after being a member of the organization.

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