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Starfield Incoming Weather Bug: How To Fix

Encountering the Starfield Incoming weather bug? Check out our guide on how to fix this bug.

If you are facing the Starfield Incoming weather bug, the displayed status effect might persist longer than intended. Some players were affected by this bug after fighting a boss in Echoes of Past. While some players randomly encountered the Extreme incoming weather status effect no matter what planet they were on. Due to this bug, players are unable to explore the planets easily as the extreme and hazardous weather status effects always persist. Don’t worry, we have compiled some workarounds or fixes to resolve this bug. So, check out our guide on how to fix the incoming weather bug.

Fix Starfield Incoming Weather Bug

starfield incoming weather bug fix

Currently, there is no official fix or workaround to resolve the Incoming Weather bug in Starfield. The devs at Bethesda Softworks have neither acknowledged nor commented on this bug till now. But as the Bethesda Executive said, “We Embrace Chaos“.

So, here are some workarounds to fix the Incoming Weather bug:

Restart Starfield

Being a classic workaround that resolved this bug for many players, you can try restarting the game.

  • For that, you must exit and launch the game, again.
  • Check if the status effect bug persists.

Loading Previous Saves

You can load the previous save files where this bug wasn’t affecting your gameplay to resolve this bug. That depends if you have any manual or quick-save files saved without this bug. Furthermore, you would also need to progress some missions and sidequests. But hopefully, this will resolve the incoming weather bug (unless you don’t have any old saves).

Use the Console Command (For PC Players)

Fortunately, PC players can make use of a specific console command to resolve the Starfield incoming weather bug.

Follow the below steps:

  • Press the tilde (~) button on your keyboard to launch the console command box.
  • Under the console command text box, type the following command:
    • player.dispel 281ed2
  • Then, press the Enter button to activate this cheat and remove the incoming weather status effect.
  • If you want to remove all status effects, you can type the following console command:
    • player.dispelallspells
  • This will remove all the current status effects affecting your character.
  • You must be on the surface or ground rather than flying or being in a ship when you enter this cheat.

But note that using any in-game commands disables the Achievements in the game.

Progress the Main Quest Missions

According to some players on Reddit, progressing the main quest missions in the campaign resolved the bug. As certain bugs are intended to be in the game, this bug might get resolved if you continue progressing.

Go Back to the Same Planet

As it worked out for some players, head to the planet where you received an incoming weather status bug in Starfield. If you have lost track of that planet, head to a planet with an extreme weather system.

Follow the below steps:

  • Land on that planet and explore the surface by scanning it.
  • Then, head to your ship, and don’t fast-travel.
  • Instead, wait and fly to resolve this bug.

Contact Bethesda Support

starfield incoming weather bug fix

If the bug persists, we recommend contacting Bethesda Support. As you head there, select the Starfield and the In-game support option. Over there, describe the bug you are encountering and submit a ticket. Then, wait for some time until the devs reply to you with a suitable workaround.

However, if none of the workarounds worked out for you, we recommend waiting for the devs to resolve this issue. When that happens, we will ensure to update this guide with an official workaround. Until then, you can check out what happened to Earth in Starfield.

That’s all about how to fix the Starfield incoming weather bug. If you liked this guide, check out our guides to find out how to fix the Suit protection depleted, how to fix the not launching and working issue, and explore more Starfield Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.