Starfield Suit Protection Depleted Fix

Have you started to take unexpected damage from the environment due to a depleted Suit Protection in Starfield? Here's how you can fix it.

Have you accidentally depleted your Suit Protection in Starfield? Such events can cause you to lose plenty of health which is obviously bad news. This can happen only if you have taken damage from weapons or the environment. Yes, you will be taking damage if the environment is too hot, too cold, or filled with toxic gases. So, take a look below to learn how to increase or fix your Suit Protection.

How to Fix Suit Protection in Starfield

As mentioned, you take damage from either Weapons or from the Environment directly. In both scenarios, here’s how you can fix the Suit Protection in Starfield:

Increase Weapon Damage Resistance

To fix Suit Protection against weapon damage, you need to add mods to your suit. Mods can be installed by using a Spacesuit Workbench. One of them is found in the basement of the Lodge in New Atlantis. While adding a mod, just check out which type of protection it offers. That’s because there are 3 types of Weapon Damage in Starfield which include the following:

  • PHYS
    • Damage from Ballistic Weapons
  • ENGY
    • Damage from Energy Weapons
  • EM
    • Damage from Electromagnetic Weapons

Keeping this in mind, you can add a suitable mod to fix the type of Protection that’s depleted in your Spacesuit.

Increase Environmental Damage Resistance

As said, your Suit Protection is also reduced if you are exposed to an environment with harmful elements around you. To regain it, you just need to enter an area that can be considered space and has sufficient O2 (Oxygen) around. This will allow you to fix your Suit Protection temporarily against environmental damage in Starfield. For your reference, here’s what type of damage you can take in an exposed environment:

  • Thermal
    • Takes damage due to high temperature
  • Corrosive
    • Takes damage due to the presence of substances in the environment that cause decay
  • Radiation
    • Takes damage due to radioactive elements around
  • Airborne
    • Takes damage because of the harmful bacteria present in the air

It should be noted that the effects of the existing harmful environment do not kick in immediately. If your Spacesuit is capable, you will be able to resist the environmental damage for longer. And if it’s not, then you will instantly start taking damage due to lower resistance. Another way to tackle it temporarily includes Crafting Research Projects. You can craft items that provide you with temporary buff and increase your damage resistance. However, you need to have the proper crafting materials to craft them. So, that’s all you can do to fix your depleted Suit Protection in Starfield.

Damage Resistance of Spacesuit in Starfield

I would suggest you check the stats of your Spacesuit before exposing yourself to an environment. In case you don’t know how to check it, simply follow these steps:

  • While in-game, enter the Data Menu by pressing Tab (PC) or Options (Xbox).
  • After that, press the Status button on the bottom.
  • From there, hover the cursor on the Character tab to check your Suit’s Damage Resistance.

Now that you know how to fix your Suit’s Damage Protection in Starfield, we hope you take less damage than expected. Besides this, there’s still a lot to learn about Starfield. For starters, you can check out our guide to know the Max Level Cap and how to Mod Weapons and Equipment. We have stacked up plenty of such helpful guides on Gamer Tweak.